Casual 2h Dubrovnik Highlights Walking Tour

Sprache Englisch, Italienisch, Spanisch
Kosten 130 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Jegliche Personenanzahl
Dauer 2 Stunden

Getting to know the real Dubrovnik is possible in only 2 hours. When you don't follow the tourist routes you realise you never know what's waiting behind the corner.

Having walked the medieval streets when I was 4, 15, and 25 years old, it would be my pleasure to show you how the town has changed throughout the years.

We will meet on Pile square, but it is also possible to start the tour on a different side of the Old town.

- As soon as we walk through the Pile gate, we will find ourselves on Stradun - Dubrovnik's main street.

- On both sides of the street you will be able to see Onofrio's Fountain, the entrance to the city walls, the Franciscan Monastery and Saint Saviour church.

- When we get to the only square tile on Stradun, that is our sign to turn left and start exploring the parallel street Prijeko and the residential area.

- Once we finish exploring my favorite street, we will we back on Stradun and have our eyes on St. Blaise church and the famous Sponza palace. Then, we will walk by the city hall, theatre, the Rector's palace and the Cathedral.

- After the most important sights I still have some hidden corners I would like to show you, but they can remain a surprise for now.

- During the tour, we can stop for drinks and rest a little bit (optional)

- We will finish our tour in the Old Port.


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