Peter Harasztos ist ein lokaler privater Reiseleiter in Ungarn

I have got long years of experience in the tourism industry, working as a city tour guide in Budapest. Having this experience in the mainstream tourism, I am way more excited to do tours in a little bit more personal manner, showing a bit less of the beaten track, and more the one I walk since I live in the city.

Further than that, I want to show you how the crowded touristy city can be discovered elegantly and easily in an alternative way not just by walking, but by BICYCLE and CANOE. So my tours primarily want to engage you in walking, riding and canoeing tours.

I am a passionate rider that has bicycled through several countries abroad, in addition to cycling being my primary form of transportation.

The city has reasonably adopted to the european requirements of having bikelanes and pathways, which allows us to discover more than we would lining up at the bus stops and the terminals...

And there is the river Danube the beautiful!

Why would we skip the opportunity to see the Parliament and the Buda Castle from this unusual angle on the surface of this amazing river that gave inspiration to artists from Johann Strauss to Boban Markovic.

This isnot just the way to post photos about the city, from angles nobody else's pictures have, but make an adventure out of a single sightseeing tour.

I was born and raised in Budapest, and if not all, but many of its secrets I discovered since my childhood through my studies, my related research and the conversations with the old people of my town.

I am passionate about my city and its surroundings as it exists today, but in addition, my academics and family have also provided me with it's past and personal history, which I am always happy to share with my groups.

I am more than happy to share all these with the people that visit the city, and engage them in a more personal manner showing them more than the touristy highlights, and the crowded city center.

Apart from the general highlights and attractions we would cover, there are a few special topics I organize my walking tours around:

- COMMUNISM and dictatorial regimes

- JEWISH CULTURE and heritages in Budapest

- GENTRIFICATION and urban renewal in the 21st century Budapest

Do not hesitate to contact me, and get your own personal adventure organized the way nobody else does it.

My services include 3 hours walking, and biking tours in the city as much as daytrips and canoue tours in the metropolitan area.

I can provide you an exciting and unique way to see the city as no other tourist would.

Sprachen English, Spanish
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