The landing Beaches of Normandy

Sprache Englisch
Kosten 700 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 10 Personen
Dauer 8 Stunden

The landing Beaches of Normandy from Caen, Bayeux, Honfleur

Let me explain you in details Overlord operation and let us discover key American D-day sites and the different divisions (Infantry, Navy, Airforce, Support) involved in the landing of Omaha and Utah areas.

During this highly personalized tour, I will give you some full explanations to better understand what went wrong and what went right for each battlefield site.

I will show you different military maps, public and family archives, pictures, postcards and will discuss about any aspects of the war (French resistance, the daily life under the occupation, the logistic, the secret plans, the Atlantic wall . . . ).

We will have the great opportunity to visit unique museums that can exhibit all the allied but also german equipments (tanks, jeeps, gliders, bombers . . . ).

And you will understand the strategic choices of the largest seaborne invasion and you will feel that you have proudly fulfilled your duty of remembrance by paying tribute to all those young men who sacrificed themselves to set free France.

* We will start your day in «Bloody Omaha» and naturally at the American cemetery in order to honour the memory of the 10000 American soldiers buried or missing in action.

* The visit will continue at the German battery at Pointe du Hoc, the only place where huge craters are still visible. 225 rangers bravely climbed the 100 feet cliffs to capture 6 guns.

* For the lunch (optional), we will be heading to Utah beach in a special place where Theodore Roosvelt Junior landed. Part of the restaurant was a former bunker for the US Navy communications center where hundreds of veteran autographs decorate the walls.

* Then, you will explore the Utah Landing Museum with a rich collection of artifacts. After, I will take you to Sainte-Mère-Eglise, where that paratrooper was made famous in the movie «The Longest Day».

* The tour will end with the visit of that church with some military stained glass windows devoted to the 82 airborne division, quite unusual to mix religious and military stuff.

Customizing Is Possible for other landing sectors (Gold, Sword, Juno).

My minibus has a 7 seater capacity.


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