8ds/7nts historic tour by flight

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Kosten 2850 USD für die exkursion
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Ethiopia is an old nation with a long history going back to more than 3000 years and and beyond. Its state formation started in the northern part of the country following the Red sea coastline. The Da'mat state was the pioneer and believed to have established in the most part of 8 C BC which of course replaced by the Axumite empire in the 1st C AD. For travellers, the journey to this part of Ethiopia is an just like going many years back in time and experience ancient civilization of Ethiopia.


Day 1- Addis Abeba.

Arrive Addis Ababa and take city tour to visit National museum where Lucy, the oldest hominid fossil is located, Trinity Cathedral, Marcato, the biggest open air market in Africa and more.

O/n hotel

Day 2- Addis Abeba- Bahirdar-

Early breakfast then fly to Bahirdar. After check in hotel, boat ride on lake Tana to Zegie peninsula to visit the monastery of Ura Kidanemihiret and Aziwa Mariam. Back to hotel via the outlet of Nile river. Take lunch and drive to blue Nile falls. Walk for about 1 and half hour to the falls then return back to Bahirdar. O/n hotel

Day 3- Bairdar-Gondar-

Drive to Gondar and on the way visit Awramba community village established in the beginning 1980 with the aim of to solve poverty and economic problems of Amhara people through helping one another. People in this village are being a model of promoting egalitarianism practice in Ethiopia. There are about 700 inhabitants in the village who are best example for gender equality in Ethiopia even in Africa that women have equal right with men. Meaning no more women discrimination in all circumstances among the community. Heading to Gondar with photo stops to the beautiful scenery of river Georges, local farmlands and plain landscape. After lunch, visit the royal enclosure, bath of king Fasiledes, the church of Trinity and monastery of Kuskuam Mariam. O/n hotel

Day 4- Gondar-Simen mountains NP- Gondar

Full day in Gondar with day trip to Simen Mountains NP. (136ks). After breakfast heading to Debark, a small town where the HQ of the park is located. Pick scouts and park guides then continue to a place which we could see the endemic Galada Baboons and the magnificent landscape of Simen escarpment. Take picnic lunch then back to Gondar with a stop over at the Fellasha village where Ethiopian Jewish communities used to live.

O/n hotel.

Day 5- Gondar-Lalibella

Today we fly to Lalibela, a small town but with UNSCO world hermitage site due to its magnificent rock hewn churches cut in the most part of 13th C AD. Take breakfast then transfer to airport for the flight to Lalibela. Balance of the day, visit the first group of churches that includes:- Bête Medhanialem/house of savor of the world; Bête Mariam/house of St. Mary; Bête Meskel/house of the cross; Bête Denagil/house of the virgins myrtyers, Bête Golgota-Micheal/house of St. Micheal and Bête Georgis/house of St. George O/n hotel

Day 6- Full day in Lalibela

In the morning, mule trekking to the church of Asheton Mariam or day trip to Yimrehane Kiristos monastery, a built up cave church stretched about 45Ks from Lalibela town. Then in the afternoon, more visit to the second group of churches that includes- Bête Gebriel-Ruphael/house of St. Gabriel and Raphael ; Bête Amanuel/house of Emanuel; Bête Merkoriwos/house of St. Merqoriew and Bête Aba Libanos/house of father Libanos. O/n hotel

Day 7- Lalibela -Axum

Fly to Aksum, the cradle of Ethiopian history and ancient civilizations and has a history of about 3000 years. Axum reached to its climax in both social, political, economical, religious and commercial activities between the 2nd and 6th CAD. It was during this period that the Axumite empire became one of the most powerful states in ancient world. Its trade routes were extended as far as China, Persia, Greek, Turkey, Rome, India and Ceylon or the present Srilanka. Then in the beginning of 7th CAD, Axum start to decline due to internal and external factors then crack down in the 10th C. Finally replaced by the Zagwe dynasty from which king Lalibela who cut those breathtaking rock churches was reigned.

The whole day in Axum to visit the stele park, tomb of king Kaleb and Gebre Meskel, the church of St. Mary of Zion where Ethiopian's believe that the original Ark of the covenant is sheltered, palace of Queen Sheba and many other ancient treasures. O/n hotel

Day 8- Axum-Addis Ababa

Take breakfast and do hotel check out then transfer to airport for the flight to Addis Ababa. Balance of the day shopping, city tour and other activities. After farewell dinner at one of the traditional restaurants, drop you hotel or Bole Int'l airport for your departure home.

End of service

NB- the itinerary can be continued to " Harar," an ancient Islamic city perched on to the Eastern part of Ethiopia.

Price includes

-Meal in full board basis

-Tea, coffee, soft drink or

juice during meal time.


-Mini van in Addis Ababa and 4x4 out side Addis Ababa.

-Fuel expense

-English speaking guide all the way

-Local guide service at every places

-Entrance fee at all sites

-Water as needed

-Guide airticket

-pick up and drop off from and to airport.

-Scout allowance

-Boat and mule rental

-Gov. tax

Not includes

-Local and int'l air ticket

-Pesonal expenses like shopping, photograph and etc

-Health issue expense

-Visa and insurance fee


-Alcholic drinks.


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