Salim Al-Maawali ist ein lokaler privater Reiseleiter in Oman

English speaking guide in Oman with 19 years of guiding experiance.

Available at any time needed. Also 4x4 Landcruiser (one or more) available.

City tour or any other tour around Oman including off road drive activities. Also it can be customised and possible to request any tour as per your time frame 🙏👍.

Sprachen Englisch
Währungen Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR)

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Dana Mahfouz
22 FEB 2024
I was recommended Salim by a friend who had traveled with him in 2017.

During my visit to Oman earlier this year in 2024, Salim proved to be an exceptional guide with his extensive experience and genuine passion for his job.

Salim exhibited qualities of kindness, flexibility, dynamism, attentiveness, and care throughout our journey.

We engaged in enriching conversations comparing our respective cultures.

Salim provided us with in-depth insights into the country's history and landmarks.

During our stay, a storm disrupted our initial plans, prompting Salim to adapt accordingly. I was impressed by Salim's ability to suggest alternatives that aligned perfectly with our preferences, all without needing specific guidance.

PS : it may be important to some, Salim did not use his phone during driving and exhibit an appropriate behaviour at all times.

We really enjoyed our trip with Salim and he left with a bug smile on our faces. He even sent us a message to ensure we arrived safely back home

Salim's warmness and engaging personality made our time together memorable.

We departed expressing our gratitude, knowing we would miss both him and the beauty of Oman.

Thank you again, Salim, for enriching our six-day stay with unforgettable experiences and genuine joy.
Kenza S.
25 FEB 2024
Notre guide a été exceptionnel !
Toujours aux petits soins, il s'est plié en quatre pour nous faire découvrir tant de merveilles. Sa disponibilité constante a rendu notre expérience encore plus mémorable. De plus, son ancien métier lui confère une connaissance approfondie, nous permettant de découvrir une multitude de choses fascinantes. Merci pour cette aventure inoubliable !
Jonathan London
06 MÄR 2024
We were privileged to have Salim as our guide and driver during 10 memorable days travelling round the mountains, coast and desert of Oman. He is hugely experienced and knowledgable and responded really well and flexibly to ensure we got the best out of our time. He is an excellent and safe driver on even the most rock strewn roads. Having lived and studied in England his English is fluent. We would want to highlight that he was great on a personal level, engaging with us openly and with a nice touch of humour. We learned so much from him about this fascinating and truly scenic country and strongly recommend him to others looking to get the best out of their trip
Anne Maass
16 MÄR 2024
We spent three days with Salim as our guide and at the end we had the feeling that we had learned so many things ..and also found a friend. Salim (who got his engineering degree in th UK which explained his impeccable English) is a person of broad and profound knowledge in many areas well beyond what you would expect from a tour guide. We had so many interesting conversations and learned so much about Oman, it’s history, it’s society, it’s education and health system, it’s public housing …none of our million questions remained unanswered. Salim shared his knowledge and wisdom with us which made our days with him incredibly interesting. We saw stunningly beautiful places with him, both culture and nature-wise., and his explanations made them even more enjoyable. He also is a very kind, patient and caring guide who makes you feel at home in Oman. He also is an excellent, careful and attentive driver, not a minor issue for a guide! If you are looking for a guide with whom you can have stimulating conversations and from whom you can get insights into Omani society and history, then we very strongly recommend Salim.
Alexandra Veldeman
24 APR 2024
If you are looking for a gids, stop to search after a gids. Salim is amazing. We went with Salim in muscat, in wadi bani auf, in fort of nakhal. Salim explains very good. He takes time with us. We laughed, we shared shawarma moment, we discovered the country,... thanks a lot. We are very grateful to visit Oman with Salim and a part with the brother-in law of salim (saif).
Syed Yusuf Habib
29 APR 2024
Thanks Mr. Salim, we had a great time in Muscat, Oman. Mr. Salim is a kind and knowledgeable person, helped plan the itinerary and made the site seeing bookings well in advance for us.

Thanks for the surprise gift for the kids on the day of the departure, they really loved it.
Sébastien L
03 MAI 2024
We've had a wonderful trip with Salim, a very experienced and respected guide, an excellent driver and a truly kind person. Bespoke English skills, very knowledgeable about Omani society, culture and history with an open mind and view on the world's diversity. We highly recommend his services. True Omani class !
Nawel O
13 MAI 2024
Exploring Oman with Salim as our guide was an absolute pleasure! Over five memorable days, he shared with us the essence of Omani culture, from its rich history to its vibrant traditions. Salim's warmth and genuine hospitality made us feel truly welcome, while his impeccable driving skills ensured our safety on the road. His wealth of knowledge and passion for his country enriched our journey beyond measure, leaving us with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of Oman and its people.
We also want to thank Salim for his daily kindness, help with negotiations, and the advice we're excited to try at home.
For sur, he is the best guide in Oman ! Thanks again Salim.
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