Around Tinharé Island

Lingua Inglese, Portoghese, spagnolo
Costo 250 BRL per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo con oltre 10 persone
Durata 8 ore

On this tour, we are going to meet some of the Tinhare and Boipeba islands most beautiful beaches. We’ll do it by boat, relaxing on the beaches and tasting its main local products.

The tour will start at your hotel at 9:00 a.m. where your tour leader will be waiting for you. We will walk about 20 minutes to get to the boat that will be our primary means of transportation throughout our trip.

The first stop will be Garapua Island that will amaze visitors with its natural pools that are ideal to practice snorkel and colorful fish watching that live in this place. These activities depend on the weather for an optimal visibility. The beach offers us the typical landscape filled with palm trees where the locals sell the famous cocada, a typical sweet made of coconut. We will stay here around 50 minutes enjoying one of Tinhare’s most beautiful landscapes.

We’ll encounter a similar sea line on our next stop at Morere beach. This place has stayed away from tourist and urban development that both Morro de Sao Paulo and Boipeba have had. You can only get there via boats or tractors that leave from Boipeba. Its natural pools also offer us 50 minutes of enjoyment and fish watching.

Then, we’ll go to Cueira Beach. We’ll be able to enjoy the cuisine that local fishermen offer us with lobster as the main attraction.

The next destination is Boca da Barra Beach in Boipeba. We can get there by two different ways such as by sea using our boat or making a small 20 minutes walk down the island vegetation and through Tassimirim beach. Once we are in Boca da Barra, we will eat some typical local dish based on fish and seafood. The gentle breeze of this place will give us some time to digest our lunch.

We will continue our tour sailing on Rio do Inferno, a water passage that divides the Tinhare and Boipeba islands and we’ll head towards Cairu, the administrative city of Tinhare archipelago, to visit the Santo Antonio convent, historic heritage from Brazil colonial times.

On our way to Morro de Sao Paulo, we will stop at Canavieira natural oyster breeder, where you can taste their various dishes besides taking one last bath.

We will to the hotel with the option to stop at Morro de Sao Paulo Fort to delight us with a beautiful sunset.

Price with a minimum of 4 pax on tour. Consult by less persons private tours.


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