Mumbai Tour One day tour in the beautiful mumbai

Lingua English, Hebrew (modern)
Costo 250 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 7 ore

Join us for the only comprehensive guided tour of Mumbai City that includes a customised itinerary.

Learn the history of each World Heritage sites, gateway of India, Taj Mahal hotel and many other such historical monuments.

Some of the finest cuisine (Indian or global) is available in Mumbai. Mumbai is the financial capital of India. At the same time the majority of the population live in slums. It is unique in a sense where you find the richest and the poorest under the same Sun.

Whether it is business or pleasure, shopping or architecture, films or theatre, Mumbai has everything that you would love to see and do. We shall be like a shadow with you, explaining the history, culture and other relevant details of the places we visit.

Places of Interest - Mumbai

1) Gateway of India

2) Taj Mahal Hotel

3) Koli Fishing Village (Koli community is the earliest inhabitant of Mumbai)

4) Nariman Point

5) VT Station (World Heritage Site)

6) Municipal Corporation Building

7) GPO (General Post Office)

8) Asiatic Library

9) Stock Exchange

10) Flora Fountain

11) Bombay University

12) Bombay High Court

13) Atria Mall (Most upmarket mall in Mumbai)

14) Dhobi Ghat (outdoor laundry)

15) Hard Rock Cafe

16) Hanging Gardens (The name is misleading. Its actually not hanging, but a beautiful garden)

17) Kamala Nehru Park

18) Marine Drive

19) Mani Bhavan (Gandhiji's abode during his Mumbai visits)

20) Jehangir Art Gallery

21) National Gallery of Modern Art

22) Linking Road (Street Side Shopping)

23) Band Stand (View of the sea from the Rocks)

24) Sea Link (a very new bridge across the sea which was inaugurated in June'09)

25) Fashion Street (Street Side Shopping)

26) Crawford market

27) Synagogue

All the places may not be possible


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