Lingua Inglese
Costo 45 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 3 ore

The Walk begins from the gigantic Jama Maszid, only from here you can mingle in the crowds & begin to experience down town Agra, Walk & visit the Silver Lingam of Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple, proceeding into narrow lanes selling articles used for adornment of images of Gods & Goddesses, looking at Ornamental & Decorated Facades in the Spice Market of Rawat Para, the walk enters into the famous Khoya Gali of Chitti Khana. The walk proceeds into the Namak Ki Mandi, where artisans beat Gold & Silver to make Foils of Gold & Silver for medicinal use in Aurveda & come in front of Akbari Mosque to connect to the 16th Century stone paved Street of Kinari Bazaar. We will Kinari Bazaar(wedding market), Spice Market of Rawat Para(Spice Market), famous Khoya Gali of Chitti Khana, Namak Ki Mandi and Akbari Mosque. We will go past Jama Masjid, Agra’s famous Friday mosque. We will also see Silver Lingam of Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple (Hindu temple), all standing cheek-by-jowl, making up the amazing tapestry of religion in India.

At the end of your heritage Walking tour of Agra, we will take you to visit some famous antique collection of Mughal jewellery, colorful fabrics and art galleries.

This activity includes:

Jama Maszid

Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple

Spice Market of Rawat Para


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