Bale mountain and Omo valley

Lingua Amharic, English, Latvian, Russian
Costo 2100 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Qualsiasi numero di persone
Durata 2 settimane 1 giorno

Day 1

We start our journey in the morning. We drive to Ziway (170 km). On the way, we stop by Bishoft for lunch at a restaurant on the shore of Crater Lake. Then continue our journey of looking out the window, stopping for a photo break, or just bending our legs and getting used to the attention and curiosity of the local people. In the evening we are at a small nice city called Ziway. If desired, go to Lake Ziway to see waterfowl.

Day 2

After breakfast, which will definitely be in the local people's taste (and ours for these two weeks as well), we head on to Hawass (115km). On the way, we visit the Abidjatta-Shalla National Park to explore Ethiopia's deepest and shallowest lake, visit hot springs and some of Ethiopia's wildlife, and ostriches. Dinner on the shores of Lake Hawassa, most likely with fried fish on the table. Night in a simple hotel.

Day 3

After a cool breakfast we head to the Bale Mountains - it's on Dinsho. On the way, we'll meet curious monkeys, warts and more. If we leave early enough we can go on a tour of Dinsho NP, meet some endemic animals (at least kudos and wolves) and get tired of going to bed in modest accommodation.

Day 4

Morning After breakfast take a drive to Sanetti Plateau above 4000 meters, with Afro-alpine Moor land, beautiful wild alpine scenery. While hiking on the plateau Chance to see the rare and endangered Canid species Ethiopian Wolf, Ethiopian Hare, water birds like Blue winged Goose, Ruddy shell duck, Wattled Crane ,many types of rodent families. Climb the second highest point in Ethiopia 'Tullu Dimtu' 4,377masl. and also visit the largest Alpine lake on the plateau.

Overnight Camping.

Day 5

Morning after breakfast drive to the Southern part of the park to Harrena forest which is the 2nd largest Tropical rain forest in the country, take a hike to water fall and Bamboo trail you'll have a chance to spot the rare and endemic Bale Monkey, Colobus Monkey and others. numerous bird life in the forest.

Overnight Camping.

Day 6

Trip to Medewelab to view caves and waterfall. These caves resemble those of Sof Omar. You can look at googles to get an idea, but the promise will be beautiful. It would be desirable to spend the night at the Rira Hotel.

Day 7

After breakfast we go further - on beautiful paths (which are not so good quality but the landscape is beautiful) we drive to Negel. From the mountains we pass Savannah, the kingdom of the Boren tribe. Night at the Negro Hotel.

Day 8

We drive further and further out of the mountains - our destination, Mega. If you're lucky, let's take a look at the singing wells in one of the Boren tribal villages and see how they work, and understand why they are called singing wells.

Day 9

A hot enough climb in a volcanic crater to view salt mining in an ancient way. Then we return to a slightly more civilized world and spend the night in Yabelo.

Day 10

We go to see other tribes. Let's start with Konso. The people of Konso themselves say they are the first to introduce patio agriculture. Be that as it may, it is a UNESCO heritage. A night at the hotel in Konso.

Day 11

We continue to Turmi. Along the way, one can see a decent daily life of tribal people. Night Turmi at the hotel (if you want - at the campsite)

Day 12

We drive to the surrounding tribes - as much as you want to see for yourself. Night Turmi.

Day 13

We drive from Turmi back to Arba Minchu, a town on Lake Chamo. Night at the hotel.

Day 14

Yes, everything is coming to a close, we continue our journey back to the capital. Along the way, waterfalls, banana stands, a crater lake… Night in Butajir.

Day 15

We wake up early - our last day in sunny Ethiopia. It remains to be seen how to see Tiyas' image fields and to buy a bag of coffee or spices in the capital. Dinner at the restaurant with ethnographic music and dancing and transfer to the airport.


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