Ski touring in Toubkal (4167m) 8 days

Lingua English, French, Spanish
Prezzo 600 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Qualsiasi numero di persone
Durata 1 settimana 1 giorno

Ski touring in Toubkal (4167m) 8 days

Period: Februray to April

Duration 8 days about 6 days descent by ski

rise positive and negative 1400 m

Day 1: Imlil-refuge of Tazarhart

D'Imlil (1750 m) a good mule path that dominates the villages of Arhene and Mzikene until Tizi Mzik (2489 m). From the pass, following a passage down to the sheepfolds of Azib Tamsoult. It goes back to Assif n'Ouarzane Iroulidene cascades, or we abbandonnent mules. In case of hard snow, this transition can be difficult, especially for a port. Above, the trail follows a lump on the right bank of the stream. The hut of Tazahat (3000m) installed on a promontory overlooking the plain of Haouz. This step can be done entirely on foot with the skis on the bag after the cascade.

D + 1500m

Day 2: Tazahart - Toubkal - Refuge

The refuge, raise the trough of 150 m by a full-West corridor, which provides access to the combe Timellilt Assif. Continue until crossing n'Taddat Tizzi (3800 m). Down by a narrow corridor and quite steep that leads above the refuge of Toubkal (3,207 m)

D + 800m; D 600m

Rem: Although dénivellé is low, this step is long enough (prévopir 6h) because of the complexity of tracking.

In addition, proper technique can be useful nasty.

Day 3: Le Toubkal (4167 m)The J-3 Toubkal (4,167 m)

The Toubkal be climbed without much difficulty by Combe d'Ihibi south, which is directed O-NO. Once crossed steep slopes that dominate the refuge, one goes up by a large combe who is recovering around 3800-3850 m. Slight to the south to win the S collar, often cleared of snow by the wind around 3850-4000 m. The aréte SO saves the summit on foot. The descent is via the same route, and we continue to ski and walk up lodging of Around step or spend the night there.

D + D 1500 1050 m to ski, 850m walk

Day 4: Around Tacheddirt

Rando pedestrian to change valley. From Around, climb to Tizi n'Tamatert (2,300 m) and take the path that joins the village and its refuge Tacheddirt

D + 700m

Day 5: Bou Iguénouane (3,877 m)

Since the villages on foot back to the cascade of Meqqoren Amazer (~ 2600 m). It goes back a first combe then left a second out largely under the rocks of the iguénouane. It earns a shoulder from the left, then the summit walk by the edge NO. The descent is via the same route.

D + / D-1500m

Day 6: Tizi Likemt (3,555 m)

Course parallel to that of the previous day. It rises by taking Irhzer slopes enough support. In the end the latter are recovering to reach 40 degrees. Descent by the same route.

D + D 1200 1100 m ski, 800m walk

If you like one day skiing is possible too...

Included in the price :

English speaking guide, and cook

Muleteers and mules for luggages

Accommodation in Trekking ( Toubkal Refuge)

Not included :

Travel insurance.

Soft/alcoholic drinks

Tips and personal expanses

Essential Equipment & Clothing:

Good walking boots and socks / good trainers

Personnel First aid Kit

3 to 4 season sleeping bag

Day sack/backpack

Head torch / headlamp

Lightweight waterproof over-trousers / rain-pants



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