Experience Kyrgyz Culture, Tradition and Nature

Lingua Inglese, Tedesco, Russo, Turco
Costo 1500 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Qualsiasi numero di persone
Durata 1 settimana 1 giorno

These amazing 8 days give you unforgettable memories from Kyrgyzstan, starting from Ala Archa National Park to green meadow valleys with alpine lakes in Tien Shan Ranges. Starts with exploring the capital Bishkek city tour - includes Osh bazaar, museums and tasting great delicious Kyrgyz food. And on the first day driving to Ala Archa makes you feel freedom in a beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan. Next days take you to experience Kyrgyz life in the small villages staying with locals, eating like locals and horseback riding like the locals. Kyrgyz culture, tradition and the most thing hospitality inspires you with its tasty food. Driving around the Yssyk Kul lake gets you more closer to nature and culture, meeting with locals and eagle man with his eagle. You will get many surprises which you wont expect.

Highlights: Ala-archa and Chong Kemin national parks, orseback ridding, Fairytale canyons, Folkshow, tradition, culture and adventure. If you love this itinerary, I will share the full details with you.


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