Transfer - excursion from Tbilisi to Batumi with stops by road

Lingua Inglese, Italiano, Russo
Costo 400 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 12 ore

So the time has come for the sea! We offer a unique opportunity to spend time on the road to Batumi or any other coast from Tbilisi or from the airport to the Black Sea coast.

Summer is the time when everyone wants to go to the sea. Arriving in the capital and moving to the sea takes a lot of time. In order not to lose it in vain, we have organized a fascinating transfer excursion for you. This full-fledged tour to all interesting places along the Tbilisi-Batumi road. The stopping places can be determined in advance depending on your interests, which allows you to make the trip informative, tasty and eventful. We can meet you at the airport or pick you up from a hotel in Tbilisi or Mtskheta. From Tbilisi, the path lies through the old capital of Georgia - Mtskheta, which has been the spiritual center of the state for 16 centuries. After Mtskheta, we can call in the city of Gori and the ancient cave city Uplistsikhe. In Gori, Stalin was born and raised. This place is very popular among foreigners visiting Georgia. If you are not interested in the above stops, we can call in the city of Borjomi and a warm and cold spring, admire the nature of Javakheti and continue towards the sea.

Rikoti pass and Kutaisi are unforgettable parts of the excursion. The Imereti region in the western part of Georgia is famous for its cuisine, so here you can taste delicious Georgian dishes.

Driving along Imereti and not seeing the caves of Prometheus or Sataplia is also unacceptable. Each traveler sees in the hanging clumps of fairy-tale heroes. Interestingly, what will you see? Bagrat Temple and Gelati Monastery are the historical part of this part of the tour.

Instead of visiting Borjomi, you can choose the direction to Martvili Canyon, take a canoe ride through the canyon. Also, visit the cave city of Uplistsikhe.

The last stop of our tour in the city on the sea of ​​Batumi and the hotel you have booked.

Due to its richness, this tour takes a whole day, but it will allow you to see the diversity of our small country!

You can determine for yourself which places you prefer and draw up a joint route for the places of visit. The best equipment:

Option number 1

Tbilisi - Uplistsikhe - Kutaisi - Bagrat temple - Prometheus caves - Martville canyon - coast.

Option number 2

Tbilisi - Borjomi - Kutaisi - Bagrat temple - Caves of Prometheus or Sataplia - coast

Option number 3

Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery - Okatse Canyon - coast

The road from Tbilisi to Batumi by bus - 6 hours with one-stop

The train from Tbilisi to Batumi takes 4.5 hours by train - but without excursions and views.

Transfer by car -6.5 on the autobahn without going anywhere


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