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Highlights Witness a beautiful drive through the landscape of the highland to the west coast of Madagascar. Look at Fosa, the biggest carnivore of the Island, and many species lemur at the dry Kirindy Forest reserve Have the opportunity to understand the customs and daily life of local Sakalava tribe the main tribe in the West part of the Island. Trek the Rock forest at the “Tsingy of Bemaraha” National Park and witness its endemic fauna flora, which is among the many wonders Madagascar Experience the white sand beaches and blue turquoise seas of Belo sur mer and its surrounding islands.

AGE RANGE : 4 to 80 year old MAX GROUP SIZE : 20 TRAVEL STYLE : Adventure, wildlife, discovery


When you are arrive at the airport, we will be there waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. After picking you up at the airport we will drive to our hotel in Antananarivo and give you a special briefing about our upcoming journey and answer any questions you may have about our upcoming adventure.

DAY 2 : ANTANANRIVO-MIANDRIVAZO On day 2 after breakfast, we will set off to Miandrivazo. There we will witness the beautiful landscape of the Malagasy highlands on our way Miandrivazo. On our journey we will stop by Ambatolampy to look at the local craftwork made from aluminum such as casserole, etc. We will then have lunch in Antsirabe, and then continue our journey to our final destination for the day Miandrivazo. Miandrivazo is one of hottest region in all of Madagascar.


On day 3 after breakfast, we will drive 7 hours west to the Kirindy Forrest. It is in North-West of Morondava. On our drive we see the famous sacred baobab, where the local Sakalava tribe perform rituals and asking their ancestors for blessings and healing. In these rituals people normally thank them by putting candy, cigarettes, coins and money in the shrine. Upon arrival in the Kirindy in the afternoon, we will take time to check into our hotel and relax. In the late afternoon before dark we will walk for about two hours in Kirindy Reserve forest to look at the nocturnal wildlife such as the biggest carnivore fox in Madagascar and nocturnal lemurs. After our nocturnal visit to the forest we will return to our hotel and relax for the evening.

DAY 4 : KIRINDY-BEKOPAKA After breakfast on day 4 we will begin our day with a 2 hour visit of the Kirindy Reserve and will continue seeing other wildlife such as several wild birds like coquerel blue coua, the common brown lemur and the Dickens Safika. After our visit to the Kirindy Reserve we will begin to make our way to our final destination for the day the village of Bekopaka, which the gateway place to the Tsingy de Bemaraha Park. On our way to Bekopaka we will take our first ferry to across the Tsiribihina river into the town of Belo Tsiribihina where we will take a short break and have lunch. After lunch we will cross the Manambolo river by ferry and will arrive at our final destination for the day Bekopaka. Upon arrival into Bekopaka we will check into our hotel and get settled in for the evening.

DAY 5 : VISIT NATIONAL PARK TSINGY DE BEMARAHA On day 5 we will spend a day with nature discovering the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park. The Bemaraha Tsingy is classified is a UNESCO world heritage site and the biggest protected area by the Malagasy State. At the Tsingy we will see the “cathedral”, the “view point”, the hanging bridge and see many of the indigenous animals that live here, such as, the Sifaka lemur and Common brown lemur. We will also see wild birds and the biggest carnivore in Madagascar called Fossa. We will also see different kinds of indigenous plants such as the “palissandre”. After lunch, we will continue our excursion into the smaller section of the Tsingy.

DAY 6 : BEKOPAKA- MORONDAVA On day 6 we will visit a school sponsored by the Tanala Education Project in Bekopaka. (What will you do at the school?) After our school visit we will travel south to the city of Morondava, on our way to Morondava we see the “In love Baobab”, which is the unique scene of two large Baobab trees that have grown together intertwined. These tree symbolizes the union of two lovers and many couples come here to renew their vows. After “In Love Baobab ” we will continue our drive to admire the most popular sunset in all of Madagascar...the sunset at Baobab Alley. The Baobabs located in this region have been around for eight hundreds years old and it is one of the most popular attraction in all of Madagascar. After our sunset experience at Baobab Alley we will continue our drive to our final destination for the day Morondava. Upon arrival into Morondava we will check into our hotel and settle in for the evening.

DAY 7: MORONDAVA-BELO SUR MER After breakfast on day 7 we will head to Belo Sur Mer which is a village located along the shores of the Mozambique Channel. Belo is known for its long stretch of white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, as well as the production of salt. The local people in Belo sur Mer are famous for building unique wooden boats that can hold up to 100 tons of weight. Upon arrival into Belo Sur Mer we will check into our hotel and enjoy some free time to relax and enjoy our vacation.

DAY 8 : BELO SUR MER On day 8 after breakfast we will sail for two hours to the island of Andravohana along the calm waters of the Mozambique channel. During our sail trip we have the option of snorkelling along the reefs of the Mozambique Channel or explore the “Whale Safari” (only available May-September). Upon arrival into

Andravohana island we will enjoy a picnic lunch and relax by the beautiful shores of the Mozambique Channel.


On day 9 after breakfast we will drive back to Morondava. Upon arrival into Morondava we will check into our hotel and have the opportunity to explore more of the town of Morondava or we can simply relax by our ocean side hotel.

DAY 10 : MORONDAVA- ANTANANARIVO On day 10 we will embark on day long journey back to Antananarivo. Upon arrival into the capital we will check into our hotel and get settled in for the evening.


During day 10 of our journey, which is also our last day together, we have a free morning for shop for souvenirs to bring back home. During our shopping tour we will look at Malagasy craftwork, local spices, vanilla, and much more After shopping we will prepare for our departure to Ivato International airport. We will arrive at the airport 2 hours before your departure time. Looking forward to building memories together!


➢ MEALS : Daily breakfast

➢ TRANSPORT: Car 4X4 with driver and fuel during the entire trip



➢ ACOMMODATION : Hotel With breakfast during the entire trip

➢ GUIDE : English speaking tour guide for the entire trip

➢ PARKS : entrance fees and local guide


➢ Insurance

➢ Fligths

➢ Additional expenses

➢ Dinner

➢ lunch

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