Balaton Magic: Herend - Tihany - Füred

Lingua Inglese, rumeno
Costo 360 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 9 ore

Perfect for lovers of sophisticated beauty! Herenc Porcelain and the Hungarian Sea, what a great coctail for a fine day!

Herend has been producing Hungary’s finest hand-painted porcelain for over 180 years. In the Manufactory you can witness how clay becomes delicate porcelain in 40-minute factory guided tours. The museum displays the most prized pieces of the rich collection.

Balatonfüred is the most fashionable resort on Lake Balaton’s northern shore. In days gone by the wealthy and famous built large villas on its tree-lined streets. The mood of artists, aristocrats and politicians and their architectural legacy can still be seen today. They came for many of the reasons, like the scenery, mineral waters and architecture, and the most stylish marina on the lake.

Tihany is a stunning treasury peninsula, with an open air village museum. We will see the Baroque church and convent of the Benedictine Abbey, with the magnificent view over the lake. We can walk to meet the great lavander cultures, handcrafts, etc. The Tihany mood is caracterized by a special feeling of peace and tranquility, that makes the being there so precious. After some stroll time here, we take the Ferryboat and cross the lake to got a shortcut to Budapest.


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