Trekking via Nomads way Eastern Pamir

Lingua Inglese
Costo 2080 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 10 persone
Durata 2 settimane 6 giorni

The Pamir Mountains have long been know as «the roof of the world» a region of utterly breathtaking scenery and home to a fascinating melange of cultures. Follow in the footsteps of ancient traders and pilgrims, and Victorian explorers in discovering a region largely isolated from the world beyond,a land where each village speaks its own different dialect and local traditions have been maintained for centures. Traveling the legendary Pamir Highway.Eastern Pamir is highest point of Pamir. part of High mountains and impessionable lakes. this trip far from modern world only Mountains..trekks including Nature, Lakes, Mountains, Kind people which is Nomad shepherds livers of mountain. we are using pack transport donkeys, yaks, porters during our trekking tent, cook, everthing necessary for trekking except satellite phone.

Eastern Pamir Mountain Trekking Instructions

If possibility please bring Walki Talki (connection) even it is second hand, we will buy them.

Please bring warm clothes, underpants etc.

Avoid physical activity until you are fully acclimatized.

Please bring medical pills and pain killers or antibiotics for stomach, headache, food digestions

Please bring sunglasses and skin protection creams.

Group tour till 12pax


Osh — Sary Mogol. Alay valley 4/5hours driving.Meeting in Osh have lunch or breakfast in Sarsky Dvor.vizit the Lenin(short walk in center sguare of Lenin).vizit market for buy water and food for trekking.stop on the way for foto Chyiyrchyk pass2408m.Taldyk pass3615m.Guest house in Sary Mogol Oshurs Guesthouse.Electric Power.meals BLD


Lenin peak-Karakul village. Karakul lake3915m the highest lake in Central Asia.Today after a meal we take it easy and leave to Tulpar Kul lake.the Lenin peak.there we will have a lunch picnic in outdoors or if you want to eat in yurt.Around 2,we leave to Karakul 3-4hours with checkpoints.Enjoy the viwe with stopovers.Kyzylart pass4200m.Guesthouse in Karakul village.Electric Power.meals BLD


Karakul village (short trek) Murgab. Today after meal we will have short acclimation trek in Kol Bashy to 1hour up 1hour down,to see the panorama of Karakul lake.back to guesthouse for lunch.head on to Murghab.Highest pass Akbaytal 4655m 4-5hours to Murghab from Karakul.Guesthouse Filura.Electric Power.meals BLD


Pishart valley to Madian valley (trek) 6-7hours we drop off in Pshart valley,1hours of ride,then start hiking.there will be to go lunch prepared.after picnic at the pass.we trek down late evening.Have a dinner and leave to Ermek,Aktal village 45minutes of ride.overnight in homestay.Not Electric Power.meals BLD


Madian to Akarkhar valley. 7-8hours after meal we trekking from Akarkhar valley.lunch on the way.overnight in tent near Belairyk pass.Not Electric Power meals BLD


Ak Arkhar to Alichor valley. today we will wolk 7-8hours depens of our wolking.we will cross Bazar Dara pass4830m.trek continues to from Belairyk towards Ak arkhar mining area of Bazar dara.we will go through Bozteri.the drivers will meet us in Bozteri in the valley.After having food,we will drive to Chatyr Tash stay in Yurt.Not Electric Power meals BLD


Drive to Hisor village via Bulun kul 3740m and Yashyl kul 3700m. 5-6hours of driver from Bashgumbez.depending on the early in the morning we driver through Alichor to Bulunkul lake thus we drive up to Yashil kul lake wolk around the lake and drive to Hisor village.overnight in homestay.Electric Power.meals BLD


Trek to Karl Marks 6723m and Engels 6507m. today we start hiking 6-7hours wolking.there will be donkeys and owner of the donkey supporting us.we take our food supplies and leave to trekking.camping.meals BLD


Trek to Karl Marks and Engels. ussually it is one day trekking, one day sightseeing Karl Marks and Engels and next day come back.tent.meals BLD


Trek down back to Hisor village. return back from trekking.overnight in the same homstay.Electric Power.meals BLD


Drive to Bashgumbez Rest free day.after all we leave to Bashgumbez to highlands will around 6-7hours of ride.we will have lunch in Alichor.Guesthouse in Bashgumbez.Electric Power.meals BLD


Trekking Bashgumbez to Zor Jol. 4-5hours wolking. today we start trekking towards Ak Zoo.there is pass through which we go.scenery is nice as we trek up.there is path.bu sun sunset we should arrive in Ak Zoo lake4180m.yurt stay in locals yaks sheeps and nomadic life..meals BLD


Trekking Ak Zoo to Belairyk. 6-7hours we start trekkking towards orto Uch Kol to Kehgshiber valley where trek all away down to the Belairyk pass.Yrysbai pastoralist will meet us.this place similar to Ak Zoo summer pasture but locals with yurts.meals BLD


Trekking Belairyk to Zorkul 4126m. 6-7hours we start trekking higher up to Belairyk pass4800m towards Zorkul.over the pass Zorkul lake and Afghan Pamir Mountains.Yaks will be supporting us if necessary for porters and guide.camping in the flat place4200.meals.BLD


Trekking Zorkul to Karajilga summer pasture. today we will wolking until Kokjigit lake4260m.there driver will pick up us and we  will drive to Karajilga.there we will overnight in yurt.meals BLD


Trekking Karajilga to Jartygumbez Hot spring. 5hours wolking.natural hot tub hot spring takeing pool hot hot spring rest.overnight in Kiban Guesthouse.Electric Power.meals BLD


Driving Jartygumbez to Shaimak village. 3-4hours we will cross Kyzylrabat pass4500m.driving towards Kyzylrabat mountains.overnight in Jahybai guesthouse.Electric Power.meals BLD

 Day 18

Driving Shaimak to Boruluk summer pasture. 4-5hours we will driving towards Sarykol range on the right.cross Boruluk pass4200m.have lunch in locals nomad yurt.afternoon wolk around.overnight in Yurt.meals BLD


Driving Boruluk to Karakul. 4-5hours we will see on the way Rangkul lake3780m.than via Pamir Highway we will drive to Karakul cross Akbaital pass4655m.overnight in guesthouse.Electric Power.meals BLD


Driving Karakul to Osh. 6-7hours we leave earlier so that we have nice meal in in Tsarskiy we cross check points and Kyzylart pass4200m.we will meets diferent villages on the way.overnight in Ecodom.meals BLD

We have three options in our itinerary according to tourists possibilities and desire.

Start from Dushanbe and finish in Osh.

Start from Dushanbe and finish in Dushanbe.

Start from Osh and finish in Dushanbe.

Or change the itinerary program, number of days etc.


Per person per day 104$.

Group tour

Number of days: 20

Covered regions:

Eastern Pamir

Wakhan valley


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