14 Days Treking in Fann Mountains Tajikistan

Lingua Inglese
Costo 2200 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 10 persone
Durata 2 settimane

14 Days treking in Fann Mountains. Trekking in Fann Mountains Tajikistan

Key Information

Tour Duration: 12-14 day(s)

Date: 10.08.2022 – 2408.2022

Recommended Group Size: 1 - 10 people

Destination: Tajikistan

Location: Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand)

Specialty Categories: Mountain Trekking/Mountain Climbing

Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging

Season: June - September

International Airfare Included: No

Local Transportation Included: Yes

Personal Travel Insurance Included: No

Personal Equipment Included: No

Accommodation in hotels or guest houses Included: Yes

Food Included: Yes

Tour Customizable: Yes

Ability to climb Chimtarga, Zamok, Energiya peaks: : Yes

Mountain Guides Service Included: Yes

Porters Included: Yes

Cook Included: Yes

The Guide/Climber Ratio: 1:5

Fann Mountains are beautiful mountains, with a few summits above 5000 m, culminating at Chimtarga peak (5489 m). They are located in Western Tajikistan, near the Uzbek border (and Samarkand). They usually enjoy sunny, stable weather during the summer. The Fann Mountains have recently been "discovered" by western trekking agencies. The northern part (lakes Kulikalon and Alaudin, but also Chimtarga pass and lake Greater Allo) is now visited by large groups (and their porters).

Since the Fann Mountains cover a relatively small area we intended to develop such trekking route, which can make possible to visit as many as possible of most significant natural sights in the limit of couple of weeks. The trek starts from North, passes to South, and then turns to West as shown on the map. All the logistics for this trek is prearranged for you by the team of ClimberCA - Mountaineering Consortium.


Artuch mountain center in the Fann Mountains – start of trek; Tiogli village – end of trek; - intermediate camps; (black triangle) peaks of the Fann Mountains; (black crosses) – passes/cols on the trek.

Day 1: Cross the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan near Samarkand. The road is passing through Pendjikent. There is the bazaar in the town. You can stop there if you wish to buy fresh food. We drive to Artuch mountain center, a comfortable base where you will spend a night. In the afternoon you can hike up to lakes Chukurak and Ziorat above Artuch. Note: You can also start this trek from Dushanbe. Note: Never mind if you arrive early in a morning

Day 2: We hike up over an easy pass to reach lakes Kulikalon, where we set our first camp (2800 m) on the lakeside of Bibi-Djanat Lake. Kulikalon lakes are dominated by two huge rock walls that attract many climbers.

Day 3: We cross Alaudin pass (3730 m, 1A) to reach Alaudin lakes. These are arguably the most beautiful lakes in the Fann Mountains.

Day 4: In the morning we hike up to Moutnyi Lake (3430 m) below Chimtarga peak, where we establish a camp for next night. This point is as high as donkeys can go with us. Therefore on this day we should carry part of load to the place of our next camp near Chimtarga pass

Day 5: Move up a camp at 4500 m below Chimtarga pass, spend a night there.

Day 6: We cross Chimtarga pass (4500 m), then make a long descent into a large canyon (Right Zindon River) leading to Bolshoi (Greater) Allo Lake (3140 m) where we establish next camp.

Day 7: We hike downstream Zindon River (toward the West). It soon flows in Smaller Allo Lake (2340). Then Zindon River merges with Amshut River. We follow Amshut River further down to its confluence with Archamaidan River. Then we hike a bit Archamaidan River upstream (toward the South) to its confluence with Sarymat river. This is a place where we establish next camp.

This place is accessible by car. Also there is Gazza village near to this place, where we can replenish food supplies. This is also the fit place to arrange meeting with a donkey service group if you wish to have them again.

Day 8: On this day we continue to hike upstream Archamaidan River toward Munora pass. At the place, where pathway to Munora pass leads to South, while Archamaidan River turns to South-East, we may leave a luggage with the donkey drivers in order to hike light to valleys of Sarikhodan and Pshtinat rivers (two inflows of Archamaidan River). When we came back to a luggage we continue to hike to Munora pass. We set camp just before Munora Pass.

Day 9: We cross Munora then descent to the canyon of Sarymat River. This river flows from South to North, forming picturesque valley. Camping

Day 10: Cross Tavasang Pass (3450 m) and reach Tiogli village near Marguzor Lake. Camping ashore Marguzor Lake.

Day 11: Day of rest. Hiking to other Marguzor lakes.

Day 12: Last day of trek. Drive to Varzob Valley tour. Gorge and tunnel Isticlol (5km) Although the Valley is not famous for architect heritage, it opens up a breathtaking view of the nature. Varzob Valley is a famous leisure spot among residents nearby and expats for its numerous recreational and picnic areas. After lunch at the local restaurant you will see mesmerizing Gusgarf Waterfall, the most wonderful water cascade from 30 m high rocky cliff in the Hissar Range. 8 km stroll (2-3 hours) to the waterfall will give you baggage full impressions and millions of water drops glittering on the sun will put your mind at rest.

Day 13 Varzob – Dushanbe

Sightseeing the Dushanbe city: Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan. Dushanbe means «Monday» in Tajik (Persian language), and the name reflects the fact that the city grew on the site of a village that originally was a popular Monday marketplace. Situated at the confluence of two rivers, Varzob and Kofarnihon.

Navruz palace – includes the exhibits on history, natural history and art.

Museum of ethnography – professional showcase of 20th centure Tajik art. The collection includes pottery, carpets, cloaks, embroidery, jeweler, musical instruments, woodwork and more. Sleeping Budda.

Monument Somoni and park Rudaki

End of tour

Day 14.

Transfer to Dushanbe International Airport. You will fly Beck to your home country

End tour


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