Muynak Ship Cemetery Tour From Nukus

Lingua English, Russian
Costo 230 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 7 ore

In one day you will be able to get acquainted with one of the most amazing places in the region and see with your own eyes one of the examples of environmental disasters. This program allows you to feel the spirit of the "Great Desert" and its unpredictability and the "Great Sea" and its catastrophe. You will witness places that are not without reason was named as "Cemetery of Ships".

Route: Nukus - Mizdakhan complex – Kungrad – Muynak (lunch) - Ship Cemetery - Nukus

Included: Lunch (at local house in Muynak, there is not restaurants). - Round trip airconditioned vehicle.

Departure at 08:30 from Nukus (hotel / airport / railway station). It takes ±2.30 hours drive with stops to Muynak (200 km).


- Mizdakhan complex: City of deaths, one of the places where formed a huge number of mausoleums, in addition many traditions of the pre Islamic period can still be seen here.

- Muynak: National cuisine lunch in Karakalpak family. In this city you can see for few time feel local social life and everywhere meet ex fishermen.

- Ships Cemetery Once one of the most popular and important cities in Uzbekistan it is now known by a sadder name as the "Cemetery of Ships", a striking example of the consequences of human influence on nature.

- Aral Sea Museum: Place where you can get a full imagine about the fauna and flora of ex Sea.

Departure from Muynak to Nukus

Arrival Nukus (hotel / airport / railway station)


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