With Armenian Lavash to the Master's Dungeon

Lingua Armeno, Inglese, Russo
Costo 65 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 5 ore

I offer you an interesting excursion to the famous Dungeon of Master Levon, unforgettable master-class of traditional Armenian Lavash and other sights of Yerevan in new and comfortable Mercedes-benz cars and exclusive services in Armenia.

Your comfort is my main priority!

Amaze yourself with me!

The excursion starts at 11:00 at the location you specified

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Master Levon's dungeon or popularly known as the Underground Palace is one of the most interesting sights of Yerevan. The history of the dungeon dates back to the Soviet Union time, when Levon's loving wife asks him to build a cellar in the house, which after 23 years turns into a real underground city. For 23 years, the tireless hands and will of master Levon Arakelyan has been constructing a wonderful underground monument with the 20 meters depth and an area of ​​almost 300 square meters. The miracle of the master Levon is located in the northern part of Yerevan, called Arinj, where we will go to research this architectural beauty and where you will have the opportunity to make a wish, in a special, strong electromagnetic place of the dungeon, which is called “Place of Dreams”, and where, like saying people, a dreams come true.

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The next point of our interesting excursion is the famous and majestic Cascade Monument. The construction project was laid back in 1924 by the legendary architect A. Tamanyan. According to his plan, the monument was supposed to connect the north with the center for pedestrian townspeople. Work began in the 80s, but lasted for several years and was suspended due to the collapse of the USSR and the Karabakh war. Work was resumed again in 2002 by the American philanthropist of Armenian origin Gerard Gefeschyan, who bought the project and started work. Since 2009, the Museum of Art named after Gefesjian has been operating inside.

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After a walk and a tour of the beautiful Cascade monument, I will organize an unforgettable master class of the world-famous Armenian Lavash, which since ancient times has been considered as a one of the main symbols of Armenia, which was also included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2014. In a charming cozy restaurant, in the company of a wonderful chef, who will tell you stories and interesting facts about Armenian Lavash, you will have the opportunity to cook in a traditional tandoor one of the main elements of any Armenian colorful feast.

4 point

The 23 meters high Church of St. Sarkis is one of the most ancient churches in Yerevan, built in 1842. Saint Sarkis is considered as the symbol of lovers in Armenia, he was a warrior, commander and the monk in Byzantine Empire times, who built many churches, where with the permission of the emperor (who greatly appreciated him), held many weddings. He with his son fell in one of the ancient battles for the Christianity, after which he was canonized as a Saint. Since 2007, at the beginning of February, Armenia celebrating its own Valentine's Day, St. Sarkis Day, and according to tradition, unmarried girls eat salty cakes at night and don't drink water, in order to see their future husbands in a dream.

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Guide service

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Treats in the car

Free Wi-Fi

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Hotel pick-up & drop-off

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Sightseeing Tickets

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