Rhodes City Tour, Cooking Class & Wine Tasting

Lingua Inglese
Costo 500 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 5 ore

Join our 6-hour Rhodes vineyard tour! Enjoy wine tasting, a cooking class, and picturesque vineyards. Starting at 09:00 am, immerse yourself in Greek winemaking. Cheers to unforgettable moments!

The drive starts with the exposure of the Medieval town where Byzantine, Ottoman and Italian architecture is witnessed. Within the Walls of the town, the Palace of the Grand Master is spotted. We continue to the entrance of the Old Harbour (Mandraki), where according to the tradition, the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the seven ancient world wonders) once stood. Close to the entrance of the Old Port is the "Church of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary", where today is the town's cathedral church. The Church is styled as a 3 aisled gothic basilica with a wooden roof, amazing gothic wall paintings by Fotis Kontoglou and impressive chandeliers.

Driving towards the northernmost tip of Rhodes, we will see the Aquarium of Rhodes, which is the ideal place for those wishing to get acquainted with the marine wealth of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

As we drive up to the Acropolis of Rhodes City, you will have a picturesque panoramic view from Monte Smith hill. The location was named after Sir Sydney Smith, an English admiral stationed on the hill in 1802 during the war with Turks to monitor the movements of Napoleon’s fleet. The familiarizations of the temple of Apollo, the Greek Stadium and the Greek Amphitheatre are then followed in order to become a knowledgeable resident.

As you have grasped the highlights of the city, you will be transferred to a scenic vineyard!

We begin by taking a tour through the vineyards explaining our cultivation methods and process.

Once we have taken in the sun, we approach the outdoor bar to have an in-depth wine tasting while we discuss oenological methods we employ.

Afterwards, we appeal to your appetite by doing a cooking lesson, where participation is optional but usually quite fun.

At the end of the cooking part, you can sit down at our restaurant area overlooking the vineyards, where you are served a multi course tapas style meal. We call them "mezedes" and we feel they follow the theme of discovering Greek cuisine and giving plenty of opportunity to pair the different wines of our production.

The menu is mostly vegetarian:

-Local bread

-Greek salad



-Eggplant salad

-Fresh fried potatoes



-Black-eyed peas


-Zucchini & cheese balls

-Fried feta with honey & sesame seeds

-Mineral water

-Bottled wine of our production

After your meal is completed, we invite you indoors where we stage our distillery, describe our distillation methods and finally give you a taste of our local pressed grape distillate "tsipouro" which works best as a digestive.


- Pickup & drop off: Enjoy hassle-free pickup and drop-off directly from your cruise ship, just outside the gate, or from your hotel.

- English-speaking Tour Driver

- Guided visit of the vineyards and distillery

- Meals & Beverages

- Transportation with V.I.P Vehicle

- Bottles of water & refreshments during the drive

- Time flexibility

- Admission Fees: All necessary admission fees to museums, archaeological sites, and attractions.

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