10 Days Hiking Congo Nile Trail

Lingua Inglese, Francese, Swahili
Costo 1397 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Qualsiasi numero di persone
Durata 1 settimana 3 giorni

DAY 1 (Rubavu/Gisenyi — Cyimbiri)

You will leave Rubavu/Gisenyi , that leads to past Rwanda’s biggest brewery. That will be the end of modern developed road and the beginning of real lake village life. The route will keep you on the lakeshore the whole day, and you will be running into many fishing boats parked lakeside awaiting their night duties. The first Congo Nile Trail base camp is a church-built guesthouse on the sand beach of Cyimbiri.

base camp location: Cyimbiri

distance from Rubavu/Gisenyi: 18 km

special attractions: traditional healing and dancing

unique transport solutions: public boat back to Rubavu/Gisenyi

DAY 2 (Cyimbiri — Kinunu)

With a series of islands on your right you will continue hiking on the shores of Lake Kivu. In the fishing village of Nkora, boats are being repaired using scrap materials, but more importantly for the Congo Nile Trail folks. You’ll pass a small fishing market, Maziba, and continue through some coffee plantations on the path to the second base camp in Kinunu. This is where one can see the whole process of coffee growing, from seedlings to processing. You can, of course, also taste the product and buy yourselves some packaged coffee.

base camp location: Kinunu

distance from Cyimbiri: 14 km

special attractions: bee keeping in Rugamba (on the way to Kinunu), one of the few populated islands nearby, Bugarura

unique transport solutions: public boat back to Rubavu/Gisenyi

DAY 3 (Kinunu — Bumba)

A long day, and your last lakeshore fun! You will cross River Koko where big boats from Rusizi collect sand for the cement factories at the southern tip of Lake Kivu. Bumba is another basic place but the stupendous views are something else! You will be able to admire the the bay of Kibuye/Karongi, and plot new adventures as this one is about to end …

base camp location: Bumba

distance from Kinunu: 27 km

special attractions: undulating hilly countryside and nice views of the lake Kivu

DAY 4 (Bumba — Karongi/Kibuye)

After breakfast hiker can walk to Karongi town or opt for a motorboat ride straight to the town of Karongi.

base camp location: Karongi/Kibuye

distance from Bumba: 17 km

special attractions: the only Museum of the Environment in Africa, motorboat trips to several islands

unique transport solutions: a hub, regular public transport to any direction.

DAY 5: Break day in Kibuye town

DAY 6 (Karongi/Kibuye — Mugonero)

You will leave the streets of Kibuye and walk on the dirt road under Mt Karongi. As you approach the beautiful waterfall of Buhari there is a grand view of Lake Kivu and the highway.

Through the village of Mubuga you will eventually proceed towards Mugonero.

base camp location: Mugonero

distance from Karongi/Kibuye: 21 km

special attractions: nearby sorghum experience

unique transport solutions: walking distance from public transport.

DAY 7 HIKING (Mugonero — Karengera)

You will trek through a hilly landscape involving plentiful sweat and gorgeous views. A rice plantation crossing will add to your visual pleasures. And continue heading to the secondary school at Karengera, your next base camp.

base camp location: Karengera

distance from Mugonero: 22 km

special attractions: / Nyungwe National Park view

unique transport solutions: walking distance from public transport

DAY 8 (Karengera — Kumbya)

The easiest day on the Trail, as you will be descending the entire time. The hiking route takes you down on village paths, on the other hand. The overnight is at Kumbya Bay.

base camp location: Kumbya

distance from Karengera: 14 km

special attractions: / Views of Lake Kivu & Hilly countryside

unique transport solutions: walking distance from public transport

DAY 9 (Kumbya — Nyamasheke)

Many rivers flow into Lake Kivu (remember Koko from the Northern Congo Nile Trail?) but River Karundura is one of the biggest; it will escort you today. You’ll hike by a local market at Tyazo village, grab some fresh fruits and see a bit of the Kamiranzovu Swamp before you reach Ishara Beach Motel. Your overnight stay is located in the centre of the Nyamasheke district that you have been exploring since leaving Karongi.

base camp location: Nyamasheke

distance from Kumbya: 14 km

special attractions: pottery

unique transport solutions: walking distance from public transport

DAY 10 (Nyamasheke — Shangi)

You will be trekking through plantations and on the shores of the lake,

base camp location: Shangi Catholic Church

distance from Nyamasheke: 24 km

DAY 11 Shangi — Rusizi

As you walk towards the town of Rusizi/Cyangugu, you will soon be admiring the views of Bukavu on the other side of the border …

base camp location: Rusizi

distance from Shangi: 18km

special attractions: borders Bukavu, the most beautiful city of this part of Africa

unique transport solutions: a hub, regular public transport to Kigali or Karongi — including daily flights to Kigali Airport!


*Guiding fees for 10 days

*9 nights Accommodation in hotel/Lodges services (Full board)

* All Other activities

* 1.5lt bottled pure drinking water per person.

*Government taxes

*conservation fees


* Airport Pick & Drop off (if you need it we deal it separately based on your transpor preference either private jet, private car or with bus)

*Other actuvities (if you wish me to arrange that also let me know)

*All VISAs

* International & local flight

* Healthy requirements, Optional Travel Insurance

*Depature Taxes


*Items of Personal Nature


* Price is per Person for 2 Pax in double room/twins

*For any special requirements please let me know ahead (such as healthy conditions, diety allergy like Vegan & Vegetarian).

* Confrom your booking by 40% deposit of total cost.

* Feel free to suggest your own schedule or hotels category


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