Rara Trek

Lingua Inglese, Tedesco
Costo 1000 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Qualsiasi numero di persone
Durata 6 giorni

The Rara trek stands as one of Nepal's most enchanting treks. It offers multiple travel options, allowing us to reach its starting point, Jumla Dolpa, either by private vehicles or by air. Having had the pleasure of visiting twice with tourist groups, I can attest to the trek's beauty. Nestled within the Himalayas and Rara National Park, Rara Lake is a stunning water body. It holds the distinction of being Nepal's largest lake at an impressive altitude of 2,990 meters above sea level. This high elevation makes it a unique feature. Encompassing approximately 10.8 square kilometers, the lake boasts a depth of 167 meters and is surrounded by majestic white mountains and lush green hills. This breathtaking landscape attracts numerous visitors who come to bask in its heavenly beauty. While winter blankets the area in snow and freezes the lake, visitors can still enjoy boating during other seasons. The climate is pleasant in summer, but winter brings cold temperatures. For the optimal experience, plan your visit between September/October and April to May. Keep in mind that from December to March, freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall can make the lake inaccessible, with snow blocking the way by up to one meter. The warmer months from April to June offer a more favorable climate in this region.


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