Lingua Inglese, Francese
Costo 1300 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 10 persone
Durata 1 settimana 1 giorno

Tsingy de bemaraha National park is a nature reserve located near the western coast of Madagascar .The area was listed as a UNESCO world Heritage Site in 1990 due to the unique geography , preserved mangrove forests, and wild bird and lemur populations.

To see this location, you need to have 8 days in Madagascar and you need to be well fit to do a full day hike inside this amazing park.

I would like to give you below details of the plan when you will do this tour from my services

1st Day: pick up from airport + transfer to your Hotel by car. Overnight in Antananarivo at San Crystobal Boutique Hotel

At any time you arrive at the airport, the driver will pick you up from there and he will bring a label ‘’JEAN CLAUDE TOUR’’ in hands.

He will assist you to purchase the local sim card for your internet connexion during the trip and then will show you a bank where the exchange rate is better.

If you do not want to exchange your foreign currency money into local currency money, there is also ATM machine inside the bank and you can withdraw the money from there directly in local currency.

After all of these , you will be transferred to your Hotel on board he private car.

San crystobal boutique Hotel is situated at 7km from the airport so you will ride less than 10mn and you will get to your Hotel.

The driver will drop you off at your Hotel then check-in

-When everything is fine over there, the driver can brief the whole plan which will start on the following day.

End of the day 1

2nd Day: Ride from Antananarivo to Antsirabe. (170km) O/N at le Royal palace Hotel

The driver will pick you up from your Hotel at 7:30am and after loading all your bags in the car, you will get on board of it and drive to Antsirabe.

So, you must have your breakfast at 6:30am so you can depart at 8:00am.

The ride lasts 4 to 5 hours over the National road 7 because on the way, you can have multiples stops to click pictures’ of the landscapes and the artisanal markets on the road side.

You arrive in Ambatolampy city and over there, you will visit the aluminum foundry workshop. This is an unavoidable stop and you must do it because you will meet the talented people on making different items from the aluminum such as pot, spoon, fork, frying pan, baobab tree, zebu, birds and many others. You will attend a demonstration on how they make a pot for instance.

After Ambatolampy city, you keep driving to Antsirabe and you will arrive in Antsirabe around 12;30pm.

You drive directly to your Hotel and you will have lunch in a restaurant

After lunch or in the middle of the afternoon, you will have a city tour in Antsirabe to visit the minerals market, the famous avenue of independence, the old buildings during the French colonization period and then meet the talented people on making different items also from the zebu horns. It is amazing to see a transformation of a zebu horn into birds, ear rings, dies, belt …and many others. You can attend also a demonstration on how they make a spoon from a zebu horn..

The city tour starts at 3;00pm and will end at 5:30pm and you will do it by riding on board the rickshaw. You will not use the car but the driver will wait for you at the end of the city which is at the zebu horns transformation and from there you will get on board of the car and will ride back to your Hotel.

So the rickshaw driver will pick you up from your Hotel and will offer you the city tour on board their rickshaw. Good experiences which you should not miss to have.

End of the day 2

3rd Day: Ride from Antsirabe to Morondava ( 480km). O/N at le VEZO beach Hotel

This is the longest ride you will have so you have to depart very early from Antsirabe. Your breakfast must be at 5;00am.

The driver will pick you up from your Hotel at 5;30am and you start loading again your bags in the car. At 6;00am, you depart from your Hotel and head to Morondava.

The first stop will be at 22km from Antsirabe, in a city called Betafo. In this city, you will take the pictures of the waterfall and the best landscapes at its surrounding.

Your second stop will be in the village of Dabolava, Over there, you will meet the gold miners on the road side. That is the daily activities of the 90% of the local people in this village. You will see how they can find gold in that area. This village is situated at 40km before getting to Minadrivazo or 180km from Antsirabe.

The third stop will be in Miandrivazo city where you have lunch in Arc en ciel restaurant

After lunch, you keep driving to the western ward in order to reach Morondava

Before getting to Morondava, about 30km before getting to this city, you start seeing the great baobab trees on the road side and some of them growing inside the rice fields.

Now , you can start clicking pictures of them.

You should not miss to see and to stop at the giant Andasonia grandidier, one of the tallest baobab trees on the road side near Morondava.

Around 6:00pm, you will arrive in Morondava and you will drive directly to your Hotel which is located just near the sea side ( the beach of Morondava). The name of your Hotel is Le Vezo beach Hotel.

End of the day 3

4th Day- Ride from Morondava to Bekopaka.( 220km) . O/N at Orchide Hotel or La grand Hotel

Bekopaka is the name of the village where you will visit this amazing Tsingy de bemaraha National park.

You depart from Morondava around 7:00am after having your breakfast at the restaurant in your Hotel and you head to the northward.

The road from Morondava to Tsingy is a dirt and bumpy road and on the way, you have to cross two rivers and you will ride on board the ferry boats with your car.

After crossing the first river by the ferry boat, the name is Tsiribihina river, you will get to Belo/tsiribihina city and you will have lunch at Mad zebu restaurant in this city. After your lunch you keep driving to Bekopaka and you will stop at a village called Andimaka because all the cars which go to Bekopaka must depart on convoy from this village. You will get to Andimaka around 4:00pm and you join all the cars that are in one convoy.

Around 17:00, you will get to the second river, the name is Manambolo river. And over there, you will cross it again on board the second ferryboat.

The ferryboat ride lasts only 5mn and after crossing this river, you keep driving to Bekopaka where you will drive directly to your Hotel. You will get to your Hotel around 17:30.

End of Day 4

5th Day-: Visit at the big Tsingy and then at the small Tsingy. O/N at Orchide Hotel or La grand Hotel

Earlier in the morning, around 7:00, the driver will pick you up from your Hotel and you will drive to the park office to pay your admission and entrance fees and to pick you park guide.

After the all customs, you will drive to the Tsingy NP gate. You will visit the big Tsingy first. From the park office to the car park at the big Tsingy, there is 17km and you need 1 hour drive over it due of the bad condition of the road in this remote area. Around 8:30am, you will start your big hike in the big Tsingy, and the driver will wait for you at the car park.

You will go through a forest to spot some lemurs species and to watch some birds species as well and after the forest, you will climb the limestone mountains until you can reach the amazing view point of the Big Tsingy.

The view is very fantastic and you will have hundreds photos of all scenery inside this park. Do not forget to take your picture when you walk over the suspension bridge in the big Tsingy, you can ask the park guide to take your pictures over there.

About noon, you go back to the car park and you meet again the driver. Riding back to your Hotel and you have lunch in the restaurant around 13:00.

Around 14:30, you will drive to the small Tsingy gate and you will arrive over there around 15:00.

You start right away, your hike in the small Tsingy NP and the driver will wait for you again at the car park.

You will admire the great labyrinths in the small Tsingy and the canyons. You still climb the mountains until you reach the view point. The best point to click pictures of the whole sceneries of the small Tsingy.

When you go back to the car park, you will walk through the dry forest and try to spot more lemurs.

Your visit at the small Tsingy will end roughly at 17:00 and you will join the driver and will have ride together to your Hotel. On the way, you will drop off your park guide in the village and you will keep driving to your Hotel.

Please kindly be well informed about the hike inside the Big Tsingy and small Tsingy that it is very tough hike because most of the trails are straight up and down climb therefore you must use an harness provided by the park office

End of Day 5

6th Day: Ride back to Kirindy forest from Bekopaka.( 140km).O/N at Kirindy forest lodge.

You drive back to Morondava on this day but you will need to stop for a night in Kirindy forest natural reserve.

From Bekopaka to Kirindy forest, you will have the same scenery as you had on Day 4-

Departure with convoy from Bekopaka to Andimaka, crossing the ferry boat on Manambolo and Tsiribihina river and having lunch in Belo/Tsiribihina.

You will get to Kirindy forest around 16:30.

Around 17:00, you will meet your park guide and you brief with him about your program for the night walk inside the park.

The night walk usually starts at 6:30 and you will walk through the dry forest for 2 hour. During the night walk, you will try to spot the smallest lemurs and you can see also chameleons. The chameleons are easy to spot during the night.

Before you do the night walk, I recommend you to order your dinner because when you come back from your visit, your dinner would already be ready and you can have it.

End of day 6

7th Day 7: Ride from Kirindy forest and head to Morondava with a stop at the famous baobab alley, O/N at Le vezo beach Hotel in Morondava.

On this day, you still have a busy day because you still have a day walk in kirindy forest again with the same park guide who guided you last night.

The day walk lasts 3 to 4 hours in this dry forest and you will try to spot mainly 2 species of lemurs and then if you are lucky one, you can see the lemur’s predator, an endemic animal in Madagascar called Fossa. It is very difficult to find but the park guide usually does their best for this Fossa safari.

After the great hike in this dry forest, you will come back to your Hotel and you will have lunch at the restaurant.

The restaurant where you will have lunch is not in the park but the driver will take you to there. Near this restaurant, there is a swimming pool thus, Please kindly be advised that you can swim at the swimming pool and at the meaning while you can wait for your lunch

In the middle of the afternoon, you drive to Morondava but on the way, you still visit the following

-The giant sacred baobab

-The baobab in love

-And the famous baobab alley

You will get to this amazing baobab alley around 17:00and you stay there until the sun goes down to admire the sunset at this location.

After sunset, you will slowly drive to Morondava.

You will get to Morondava around 19h:00.

End of Day 7

8th Day: Domestic flight from Morondava to Antananarivo. O/N at San crystobal boutique Hotel

Depending on your flight schedule , the driver will pick you up from your Hotel and will take you to the airport in Morondava.

Upon your arrival in Antananarivo, a driver from the Hotel where you stay will pick you from the airport and will transfer you to the Hotel.

Drop you off at your Hotel then our services are totally delivered nicely and safely

End of Day 8

Plan overview

D1-From abroad to Tana

D2-Tana to Antsirabe

D3- Antsirabe to Morondava

D4-Morondava to Bekopaka (TSINGY NP)

D5-Big Tsingy and small Tsingy

D6-Bekopaka to Kirindy forest

D7-Kirindy forest to Morondava

D8-Morondava to Tana, domestic flight

Budget: From 1300USD/person

Minimum traveler : 2 people

Maximum traveler: 10 people


-A private car + driver + gas during the whole trip

-All transfer services from/to airport and Hotel and then From/to Hotel and parks. Except the transfer from your Hotel in Antananarivo to the airport when you will fly to abroad

-Ferry boat fees

-Domestic flight tickets from Morondava to Antananarivo

-All your night staying in Hotels during the whole trip

-Your meals ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the restaurant

-Bottled water ( 3 bottled/person/day)

-Your park admission and entrance fees

-Park guide fees


Visa and insurances cost

-Snacks and beverages

-Your personal needs related to your souvenirs purchasing


Apart from your clothing, dress, T-shirt, pants...etc, you need to bring also both sandals and hard shoes

-Walk sticks if you are used to use it

-Pair of sun glass


-Sun ceam

-Mosquito repellent

-Flash lights


-Covid-19 pass is not mandatory at the airport

-Most shops and business do not accept any foreign currencies, you have to use local currency (MGA) during the tour

-ATM machines are available in all big cities in Madagascar

-Never do your money exchange with the black markets in the streets or at the car park near the airport. Do only your money exchange at the official banks

-when you bring USD bills cash, make sure the bills are issued AFTER 2012. No money changer accepts any bills issued BEFORE 2012

-Hiring park guides are mandatory when you visit any parks in Madagascar. Both National Park and Private parks

-The hotels where you will stay during the trip have wifi mainly in the restaurant, except your Hotel in Kirindy forest lodge

-This tour plan is customizable so feel free to request any changes according to you wishes


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