Owl Trek Bumthang

Lingua Cinese, Inglese, Francese, Hindi, giapponese
Costo 120 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti 1 persona
Durata 1 settimana 5 giorni

Owl Trekking in Bumthang offers an enchanting and immersive journey through the pristine landscapes of the Bhutanese Himalayas. This trek, named after the mystical owls that inhabit the region, takes adventurers on a scenic exploration of the Bumthang Valley. As trekkers traverse through lush forests, quaint villages, and serene meadows, they are treated to breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and traditional Bhutanese architecture. The trek provides an opportunity to witness the rich biodiversity of the area and encounter unique flora and fauna. Whether it's the cultural encounters with local communities, visits to ancient monasteries, or the chance to spot owls in their natural habitat, Owl Trekking in Bumthang promises a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and adventure, leaving participants with lasting memories of Bhutan's captivating beauty. As you walk along the tranquil ridges and mountains of Bumthang you will be treated to unparalleled views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum, the highest unclimbed peak in the world.

Book Owl Trek Bumthang with Amen Bhutan Tour and Treks pvt ltd and enjoy the best treks in Bhutan. The package includes expert guides, ensuring a safe and informative journey through the scenic landscapes of the Bumthang Valley. Travelers can expect accommodations that provide comfort and authenticity, allowing them to experience local hospitality. The trek incorporates visits to ancient monasteries, encounters with Bhutanese communities, and opportunities to witness the region's diverse wildlife, including the mystical owls that inhabit the area.


Day 01

1Arrival in Paro drive to Thimphu (1.2 hrs)

Day 02


After breakfast at hotel, Drive to Punakha across Dochula pass (3O8Om). In Bhutan, the passes are marked by a large Bhutanese Chorten and prayer flag. Dochula pass offers the most spectacular view over the high peaks of the eastern Himalayas on a clear day.

After checking into hotel, proceed to visit Punakha Dzong, a massive structure built at the junction of two rivers. It was the capital of Bhutan until 1955, and still serves as the winter residence of the monk body.

Later in the day excursion to Chimi Lhakhang (from hotel it is about 15 minutes’ drive till motorable road and then walk starts through paddy fields and villages. This is total about 1½ hour walk, including both way). The Chimi Lhakhang, situated on a hillock in the centre of the valley, also known as the temple of fertility. It is widely believed that couples who do not have children and wanting one, if they pray at this temple, they are usually blessed with a child very soon. The trail leads across rice fields to the tiny settlement of Pana, meaning ‘field’. A walk through the village near the temple will give you rare glimpses into the daily life and lifestyle of the villagers

Evening can be spent exploring Punakha village located right on the bank of river.

Overnight at the hotel in Punakha.

Day 03

3Punakha to Trongsa (4 Hour drive )

Day 04

4Trongsa to Jakar (3 Hours Drive)

Enjoy the drive through a region of diverse people with unique dialects, dress, food and lifestyle. Today we will be crossing Wangdue, Trongsa and over two passes up until we reach Bumthang. Trongsa Dzong: This is the largest Dzong (fortress) in Bhutan, located in the centre of the country. The Dzong is beautifully built on a spur overlooking the gorge of the Mangde Chhu River. The Dzong played very crucial role in the ancient history in protecting Bhutan and its sovereignty. The ruler of Trongsa Dzong was the most powerful leader to form Wangchuk Dynasty in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Trongsa Ta Dzong (Museum.

After you will drive to the Jakar Dzong or the “Castle of the White Bird”: Dominates the Chamkhar valley and overlooks the town, 3km 1.2 miles away from Chamkhar town. Explore the Jakar town. Overnight in Bumthang, altitude 2600m.

Overnight at Jakar

Day 05

5Jakar Sightseeing

Day 06

6Jakar to Manchugang to Dhur (Trek Starts)

Day 07

7Dhur to Kitiphu

Day 08

8Kitiphu to Kikila to Jakar (Trek Ends):

Day 09

9Jakar to Phobjikha (6 hrs)

Day 10

10Phobjikha to Paro (6 hrs)

Day 11

11Paro Sightseeing

Day 12


On this day, you will be driven to Paro as it houses the only international airport in Bhutan; the Paro International Airport. After the amazing Druk Path Trek with Amen Bhutan Travel , we will bid you farewell. As you board the plane to your homeland


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