Ирина Irina Висингер Visinger è una guida turistica privata locale in Russia, Polonia, Lituania

Hi! my name is Irina

I organize various tours in Kaliningrad and Kaliningadskaya Oblast.

I try to give tourists a taste of this region by showing not only the usual attractions but also those often missed, very special cultural spots.

You will experience myths, riddles, and legends.

I personally handcrafted a marvelous tours for you. For example, a tour to show you the smart architecture of Koenigsberg or a Kaliningrad cuisine tour to give you a taste of our freshly cought fish and our localy brewed beer.

In addition I have one of the tourists' favorite tours to the Kurishen Split (to both Neringa and Nida).

We use the most comfortable transport for you tourists needs: a luxurious car, or a van or, if you have a large group, a bus.

I gurantee you will have a great time here.

Я частный гид по Калининграду и Калининградской области работаю на протяжении 20 лет. Имею легковой автомобиль и микроавтобус. Экскурсии провожу как индивидуальные так и групповые. Все мои экскурсии авторские


Lingue Inglese, Tedesco, russo
Valute Euro (EUR), Rublo russo (RUB)

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