Danny L. è una guida turistica privata locale in Singapore

Hello and greetings from sunny Singapore, the Lion City!

My name is Danny and I've been a licensed Singapore private tour guide since 1999.

I am a native Singaporean who speaks English, German, Indonesian and Malay fluently. I lived and worked in Europe for a substantial period of time where I was employed at various resorts in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France. Initially I began my career as a cook. However, I discovered that entertaining and hosting guests was my true calling so I trained to be a licensed tour guide and wound up organising ski trips and trek outings for hotel guests in diverse locales such as Switzerland and Corsica. I have a strong aptitude for servicing and entertaining experienced global travelers with high expectations.

My hobbies are travel, trekking and cooking.

Now that I am back in my home city, it will be my pleasure to show you how to experience Singapore through the eyes of a local with a great passion for his home. Together we will visit many friendly localities to discover the hidden cultural gems spread through-out this very unique metropolis. I will also share many tips, tricks and well-kept secrets (shopping, dining, getting around on your own, etc. ) to make sure that you will make the most of your visit. I will also do my best to tailor my private tours to meet your personal needs and requests if any.

On my private tours you may expect to hear first hand about many things, including our fabulous food and dining culture, our modern multi-cultural style of living, our passion for fine shopping, our approach to justice and the rule of law, the creation of a world-leading competitive business environment with attractive income tax rates and transparent regulation, designing a healthy well planned living environment and the importance of welcoming foreign nationals to live and work here. In short, I will share with you everything on my private tours that makes Singapore a very special place to visit or live in. And don't forget to ask me why a Singapore passport is the best in the world!

Another special service I like to provide is to photograph my clients at the many photogenic locations along my tour routes. After your private tour, I will send you these photographs at no extra charge.

Singapore is a cultural melting pot with many fascinating modern and historic dimensions. I aim to make sure that your stay here will be memorable, highly informative and fun!

Lets make it happen!

Warm Regards,


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