Ebu Cetinkaya è una guida turistica per tour a Turchia

Hello everyone! I have been working as a licensed tour guide of Turkish Ministry of Culture since 2010. Before to start my profession as a guide I studied Journalism as bachelor degree and radio-televsion and cinema as master degree. In order to get a guiding license i have studied History and religion,art history, Mythology. You can ask as much as you want to learn history, culture,current life, political and social structure in Turkey. Besides guiding I also continue to work as director for documentary movies. Both professions of mine supports me to improve myself and to share my experiences with other people from all over the world.

My birth city is Diyarbakır which is in the east part of Turkey, I spent my studentship period in İzmir and İstanbul which are in the west and north-west parts of my country so I had opportunity to be in different regions of Turkey not only as a guide but also as a resident. After completing my MA, I have started to live in İstanbul, and sometimes in Cappadocia.

While living in İstanbul, i also worked as a resarcher in some local magazines and research companies on travel and ethnicities of Turkey like "Yezidis, Tahtaci Alevis, Suryanis and Gypsies" and Immigrants of Turkey in Historical Peninsula. Also I had chance to work as lecturer at Okan University on art and movie history.

Now I am a freelance guide and documentarist. I have two documentaries which i directed. If you want to watch, you can ask me.

I look forward to meet with you.

Best wishes

Ebu Çetinkaya

Lingue English, Turkish
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Commenti (4)

Athena Lindberg
17:27 18 DIC 2018
I spent 2 days in cappadocia with bekir and at the end of this period i said to myself i wish i could have a bit more flexible programe. If you need to listen to yourself specially this time of year (December) you should visit such an illuminating place. I do not know if these feelings are just because of my wise guide bekir's other profession that is being documentary director or the magical atmosphere of the valley or both, i really felt like i am being a part of movie..i am sure you will understand what i mean when you are the place, the background of the visible historical and natural constructions of the area immiedatly takes inside of its own timeline and giving a short stop of yours..thank you bekie for this experience
Nico Fook
18:46 11 GEN 2019
Ebu was Excellent!!

It was my long awaited trip to visit cappadocia with some friends and i was so happy to have found Ebu. He helped me a lot planning the journey and advices the places to visit based on my likings. Me and my friends really enjoyed the trip because we have the freedom to take our time and enjoy some preferred places longer than others. He also brought us to very lovely cafes and restaurants that really made our stay really memorable. He was also very kind and patient to answer all of our doubt and questions while we were in Turkey.

Very well done Ebu! Thank you so much, we had a BLAST in Cappadocia!!
Javier Becerra
13:17 23 FEB 2019
Ebu is the best guide in Turkey. He knows his area very well and has answers to all of our questions. He's also very funny, which made our visit even more entertaining. However, the most important feature of him for us was his flexibility because as tourists having limited time in such a big city, we asked for some last minute plans and he was quite open to them.
I will never forget my first time in Sultananhmet and Blue Mosque, going around and listening to the history of this fantastic place from him.
Thank you Ebu for showing the hidden sides of magnificent Istanbul to us! Now you have a friend in Barcelona!
Eduardo Valle
19:54 05 APR 2021
We took guiding service from Ebu in istanbul and Cappadocia. He helped us to organise all the details presenting with different options in both cities. We had the pleasure of booking 4 days with ebu
He is very intellectual and equipped in his Job. Highly recommend EBU.
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