Nassor khamis è una guida turistica privata locale in Tanzania

Hello world…! I’m Nassor,a professional tour guide and authentic Zanzibaris. I truly fell an honour to welcome you to the majestic spice island of Zanzibar to enjoy your vacation and appreciate the time of your life.while you are in Zanzibar I will be responsible to take care of you as your guide and complete your expectations and leave with you an unforgettable experience of your stay in Zanzibar

I hold my tour guiding license from the Zanzibar commission of tourism as registered tour guide to operate tours and transfer in Zanzibar.I study tour guiding at state university of Zanzibar and learnt food production at vocational trainee in Zanzibar.tourism and hospitality has been at my back wherever I go I have it,serving the guests is my hobby, since I decided to be part of the tourism society I feel attached with the whole world

I have been a tour guide since 2015 and I have served all races of people across the globe.Zanzibar is my pride and I want to show the world the beauty,magnificence,the magic and reveal the secret of Zanzibar.this is the country that has been fascinated many,for centuries it was a meeting point of all races of people and important trading hub on the east African coast and attracted many to set their foots in Zanzibar`

Zanzibar is rich in biodiversity and packed with a lot of flora and fauna and it contributes to the world as one of zone which inhabits different species in its five vegetation zone which are the mangrove which protect marine erosion and as an important breeding areas for coral fishs.the beach and the rock which support euphorbia, wild date palm and screw pine.the third zone consist of scrub bush which emits peculiar odour during hot day.the fourth zone is bush savannah which include peculiar monstrosity,baobab tree which is indigenous to africa.the fifth and most intresting zone is a part of great tropical forest of africa which include several species peculiar to Zanzibar and this is where jozani forest situated the chief species is landolphia kirkii,the rubber vines,the tree bamboo,elais guineinsis,the oil palm,raffia palm,the slender mongoose,civet cat,giant elephant shrew,squirrell,blue or sykes monkey

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