Ahmed Ali è una guida turistica privata locale in Egitto


As a tour guide in Luxor i can provide a variety of services to tourists, such as:

-Guiding visitors through the city's many historical and archaeological sites, including the Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, and Luxor temple, explaining the significance and history of each site -Arranging transportation to and from the sites -Organizing tours to nearby attractions, such as the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon -Providing insight and context to help visitors understand the cultural and historical significance of Luxor and its many ancient sites -Helping visitors navigate the city and providing general information and advice on things to see and do in Luxor -Helping visitors with any needs or concerns they may have during their visit to Luxor

A good tour guide should also have a deep knowledge of the culture, history, and local customs of Luxor, and be able to share that knowledge with visitors in an interesting and engaging way. Additionally, as a tour guide i should be able to tailor their tours to meet the specific interests of different groups of visitors and make sure that the tour is enjoyable and informative for everyone.

Lingue Arabic, English
Valute Dollaro statunitense (USD), Euro (EUR), Lira egiziana (EGP), Sterlina britannica (GBP)

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