Mohammad Abu Zabar Rezvhe è una guida turistica privata locale in Bangladesh

want to know Bangladesh and see the beauty. I can assist you to explore and enjoy …

Lingue Inglese, hindi
Valute Taka bengalese (BDT), Euro (EUR), Dollaro statunitense (USD)

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Савелий Медведев
01 GIU 2024
My time with Mr. Rezvhe as my tour guide in Bangladesh was truly fantastic. His excellent command of English made communication easy, ensuring I understood the country's culture, history, and economy during our seven-day journey. Mr. Rezvhe's punctuality was impressive, allowing us to visit numerous places in a short time without compromising on quality.

His extensive knowledge about Bangladesh, including its geography, demography, economy, and ecology, enriched our conversations and deepened my understanding of the country. Additionally, his passion for sharing Bangladesh's history and development added an extra layer to our journey.

The places Mr. Rezvhe took me to were stunning, offering a diverse and captivating view of Bangladesh's beauty. From vibrant cities to serene countryside landscapes, each stop was carefully chosen to showcase the country's richness.

Overall, Mr. Rezvhe's professionalism, expertise, and genuine passion for his work made my experience in Bangladesh unforgettable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an insightful and memorable journey through this remarkable country.
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