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Jakarta/ Little Amsterdam Tour, will bring you to visit : 1. National Museum, The national Museum is the first and largest museum in South East Asia, and is frequented by many lovers of history. It has the most complete collection of historical treasure in Indonesia, boasting over 140.000 artifacts in 2006. This collection among others consist of ancient statues and stone monoliths with inscriptions of historical accounts, as well as bronze, ceramic, textile, numismatic, historical, pre-historical and many other priceless artifacts. Most of the collection comes from either archeological excavations or generous donations from collectors of the East Indies times, as well as puchase. This museum also features the world\s largest and most complete ceramics and ethnographic collection. The next excursion is 2. China Town (Glodok), Glodok is the center of Jakarta\s China Town. It is now banking, hawkers, trading and entertainment center. You will visit Petak Sembilan Chinese Temple where dedicated to the Buddhist goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. Built around 1650, it was on of the earliest center of worship for the Batavian Chinese. 3. Fatahilla Square (Little Amsterdam City), Built in the 16th century, the museum is housed in the old town hall of Batavia, which is probably one of the most solid reminders of Dutch rule to be found in Indonesia. It provides the historic background of jakarta through a display of maps and antiquities, including furniture and porcelains. 4. Drawn Bridge, the name Ophaalbrug or Jembatan gantung (draw brisge) was appropriately given as its mechanical function allows it to be raised and lowered to allow ships to pass through, similar as in Amsterdam, Nederlands. Initially, the bridge was known as Jemabatan Pasar Ayam or jembatan Pohon Besar (Grote Boom). and 5. Sunda Kelapa Harbor, This 500 years old harbor area was a vital link to the markets of the outside world for the 15th century kingdom of Pajajaran. Since then this port has belonged to the Portuguese and Dutch. The magnificent and brightly painted Makassar schooner called Phinisi are still an important means of transportating goods to and from the outer islands. We will pick you up at your hotel and drop you at your hotel or the place you request.

Accomodation : AC Vehicle, Mineral Water, Entrance Ticket, Car Parking, Fuel and Guide.


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