Hair Transplant Tour Istanbul 3 Night 4 Day

Язык Английский, Spanish
Стоимость 2400 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 4 дня

FUE Pack

* Head, beard or eyebrows

€ 2,400

Closed price and no surprises.


Personalized attention and prior study

Transfers airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport.


Three hotel nights for 1 person on a HB basis.

Hair transplant FUE SAPPHIRE TECHNIQUE without limit of follicles.

Capillary line design prior to the intervention.

Preoperative blood test.

Local anesthesia.

Food during the intervention.

1 PRP session (platelet rich plasma).

Medications and postoperative medical care.

Hair care kit. Sebamed Ph 5.5 treatment shampoo, Bepanthol (Bayer).

Cures and general control, the day after the intervention.

Postoperative follow-up for 12 months.

Report of the intervention.

Does not include plane ticket.



Arrival at Istanbul airport where you will be picked up and transferred to the hotel.

Once the check-in is done, they will inform you step by step of the timings. You will be in contact with one of our advisors 24 hours a day.


Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the hospital at the agreed time, according to the planning of

interventions. Upon arrival you will be greeted by the surgeon who will intervene, who at his

Once he will assess your case and will clarify any doubts that you have not yet been able to

sort out.

It will make the lines of the design according to your features and preferences and then proceed to the

calculation of the follicles to be extracted.

Immediately after the analysis, in the consultation you will have the blood drawn

For your analysis and obtaining the PRP, your hair will be cut and you will go to the operating room.

First, the follicles of the donor will be extracted and then once

selected, they will proceed to implant them.

There will be a short lunch break. At the end of the intervention you will return to

hotel, approximately mid-afternoon receiving some indications of how you have

what to sleep and how to use medications.

DAY 3 Relax, touch cures

Breakfast. Free day for moderate sightseeing with professional tour guide and transport.

You will agree a time to meet with the medical team in order to carry out the cures

and see the progression of the intervention.


You will have breakfast and we will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the airport.

Please contact for reservation 3 weeks in advance.


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