Evening Historical visit and exploration of the City of Chania.

Язык Английский, Французский
Стоимость 550 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 7 часов

The city of Chania is the second in size of the island of Crete, it is fortunate to have kept its historical center and harbor untouched.

It is a city well known for its cultural heritage and activities as well as night life, no surprise that it is the first choice for Greek visitors of the island!

Leading Guests provides the opportunity to visitors of other regions of Crete to experience and get to know this city and have wonderful evening.


Early in the afternoon (15.00) we will pick you up from your hotel with minibus and head west.

The ride of 60 km is a pleasant one along side the White Mountain chain, lush vegetation thickly forested cypress tree forests and the beautiful coast line with long sandy beaches...

On arrival we continue on foot with our local professional guide, visiting the high lights of the historical city, the covered market, leather lane and maze like streets that take us to the Romantic Venetian harbor.

After your tour of the city and orientation you have plenty of free time to enjoy at your leisure either shopping, a cup of coffee, a gander round or even a drink, overlooking the old Venetian port.

After dinner at one of the best restaurants of the city we will discover the interesting night life of the city of Chania.

Our journey back with the minibus to the hotels will be a sweet lullaby to close this splendid evening and experience.


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