Voodoo festival tour ouidah Benin

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Tour Benin,Togo and Ghana

Tour overview:

The hallmark of this trip is to cover Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana. We shall experience the voodoo festival, former slave castles, forts and homes, local markets, arts and culture, cultural history, local tribes and many more .

Day 1: January 9th 2021 - Arrival to Benin and picked up by Confidence. Drop off at the hotel

Arrival and picked up by confidence from the Airport and then drop off at the hotel. Initial orientation and coming back the next morning to pick you up as the tour begins.

DAY 2: January 10th 2021--Voodoo Festival/python temple.

On this day our activity will be to participate and experience the voodoo festival and also explore the python temple , the gate of no return and the slave museum in ouidah Benin Republic.

Day 3: January 11th Ganvié – cotonou

Transfer by car and canoe to Ganvié, the ‘Venice of Africa’. Experience the lives of these people who live on water, discover the local bird life. Have lunch and return to Cotonou or ouidah for dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 4 : January 12th Abomey Benin

Head to Abomey. on the way, Visit the surprising underground village of Agongou into, which served as a hiding place for warriors. which is the town of Kings. Abomey – Take a guided tour of the ancient royal palace of Abomey listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. A return trip to Ouidah Benin. O/N in Ouidah

Day 5: January 13th - Lome Togo

LOME, TOGO –leave for Lome very early in the morning. THE TOUR ON THIS DAY IN LOME. Today we travel to Togo. After a 2 hour drive you will be assisted through Togo immigration then begin the city tour of Lome and vicinity. Visits include Independence square, the Artisans village, the national museum, the fetish market– the heart of traditional medicine, Art Street and the grand Marché, realm of the famous Nana Benz ladies. Overnight at Hotel Napoleon or similar

DAY 6: January 14th 2021 TOGOVILLE-LOME

We shall visit the slave house in Agbodrafo. Continue to Togoville, a red-earth village which was the homeland of numerous slaves taken to Haiti. Here you will find magic remedies and voodoo charms used by local sorcerers. Late afternoon return to Lomé.

Day 7: January 15th Lome/Ghana

Onward journey to Accra Ghana. Assisted through immigrations and crossing into Ghana . Embark on a 3 hour drive to Accra. Arrival and checking into hotel for relaxation (maybe a night out at Osu oxford street or 233 Jazz bar ). O/N at pluss 33 Hotel

Day 8: January 16th 2021 Accra-- A city tour of Accra

ACCRA City Tour (visit to historical landmarks such as W. E. B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture,Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Independence/Black Star Square, National Museum,Osu (formerly Christiansborg) Castle-the previous seat of the Ghanaian Presidency,Jamestown, Flagstaff House. O/N at pluss 33

Day 9: January 17th 2021 ..CAPE COAST :

visit the St. George Castle (also called Elmina Castle), recognized by UNSESCO as a World Heritage Site and the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, the cape coast slave castle where our ancestors were kept before they were shipped to America's and the carrabiens. A return trip to Accra. Overnight in Accra

Day 10 : January 18th 2021. Accra- Departure

Relaxation at labade beach resort and onward drive to the airport for departure.

Tour cost: ask for a quote

What's Included:

* Guiding Services

* Private air-conditioned Transportation

* Airport pick up

* Airport drop off

* A budget Accomodation

* Other miscellaneous support

* letter of invite for visa to Ghana

Not included:

International air flights

Entrance fee

Visa and visa fees

Travel insurance and immunizations

Between meal snacks & drinks or extra meals alcoholic beverages.

Any hotel incidentals

Any non-essential public transit taken, for you and your guide

Discretionary gratuity for excellent service.

Note: on this trip I can equally add Nigeria to it and reduce the days in Benin.


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