Private Small-Group Lagos West African Markets & Cuisine Tour

Язык Английский
Стоимость 455 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 5 часов

Learn how to bargain like a pro—and eat like a local—on this culinary and cultural tour through Lagos bustling, personality-rich markets. Become acquainted with regional ingredients, interact with local vendors, and prepare popular, well-loved dishes during an interactive cooking class.

With your expert guide, head into lagos colorful and buzzing markets, with stalls brimming of fruit, herbs, and exotic produce. As you weave through the crowd, follow the wafting aroma of freshly grilled meat or pungent fish soup, leading you to a myriad of delicious food stalls. Take the opportunity to chat with the vendors, and learn about their time-honored recipes passed down through the generations.

Next up, catch a shared taxi or danfo—the primary means of transport—and travel to the BUKA, where a local chef welcomes you for a cooking lesson. Get hands-on instruction as you create traditional West African dishes like Amala, fufu fermented cassava dough turned into bolus, and enjoy the fruits of yoour labour.

A tour of Lagos, the vibrant commercial capital of Nigeria founded about 1630 is located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa and composed of islands, a mainland & peninsula.

Metropolitan Lagos, a mega-city of the world with over 18 million inhabitants is the most populous in Africa. A drive through Lagos Island, Victoria Island and Lekki peninsula areas of the city with stopovers at National Museum, Brazilian Quarters, Bar Beach, Tinubu Square and Isale Eko the old section of the city, promises an exciting sightseeing tour.

Lunch is at a city restaurant. A cuisne lecture on the food and diet of the variouse tribes.

A boat ride on the lagoon with panoramic view of the city is the high point. During the tour, arrangement is made for shopping at Balogun market & Elegunshin International, Market.

Tour Itinerary

1. Pick up tourists from hotel

2. In the morning, visit the museum & other places of interest

3. Drive to one of city restaurant for typical Nigerian dishes lecture.

Tour Type: Local Experience, Day Trip / Out of Town, City, Adventure / Active

Transportation Method: air conditioned chauffeured SUV or saloon vehicle. However tourist who want to get the best local experience can choose to go with me on a local taxi or Minni Van called danfo.

Activity Level: High

Friendly: Yes.

Kid Friendly: Yes. Children are welcome under parents supervision

Language(s): English (fluent) explanation.

Chauffeured, air-conditioned SUV or the taxi cab/danfo, all Toll Fees, bottled Water and tour guide services.


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