Kramat Tour of the Cape Peninsula

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Стоимость 3000 ZAR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа более 10 человек
Длительность 1 день

There are more than 24 burial sites of Muslim Saints, known as "Kramats" in and around the Cape Peninsula, Robben Island and as far afield as Worcester and Wellington. These kramats are highly revered by Muslims as these were the Pioneers if the Islamic faith in South Africa.


8:30 Pick-up from hotel & depart for Bokaap to visit the Kramats of Tuan Guru, (my great great grandfather), Tuan Sayeed Alawie & Tuan Nuruman.

9:30 Drive to Buitenkant Street to the Tomb of Sayed Abdul Malik.

10:00 Drive to Deer Park to the tomb of Sayed Abdul Haq.

10:30 Drive to Signal Hill to the Tomb of Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie Shah & Tuan Kaape-ti-Low.

11:30 Drive to Camps Bay to the Tomb of Sheikh A'li Sayed Bassier.

12:00 Drive to Bakoven to the Tombs of Sheikh Noorul Mubeen & Sayed Jaffer.

12:45 Drive to Hout Bay for Lunch at Fish on the Rocks, Cape Town's takeaways and take in a boat trip to Seal Island to view Seal Colony.

14:00 Drive to Chapmans Peak one of the most scenic drives in the world.

14:30 Proceed to Cape Point & Cape of Good Hope.

16:00 Depart Cape Point for Simonstown to visit Tombs of Tuan Dea Koasa & Tuan Ismail Dea Malela.

16:30 Visit Penguin Colony at Boulders.

17:30 Drive to Muizenberg to the Tomb of Sayed Abdul A'ziz.

18:00 Depart for Hotel.


8:30 Pick up from Hotel & Drive to Mowbray Makbarah to the Tombs of Sayed Moegsien bin Alawie & Sheikh Abdurahman ibn Muhammad al Iraqi.

9:30 Visit Rhodes Memorial for views of the Cape Flats.

10:30 Drive to Constantia to the Tomb of Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Shah.

11:30 Visit the tomb of Sayed Mahmud in Summit Road Constantia.

12:00 Visit Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Mutalib Constantia Forest.

13:00 Perform Thur Salaah and proceed to lunch at The Lounge.

14:30 Proceed to Macassar to the Tomb of Sheikh Yusuf.

15:30 Perform Asr & then depart for Doornhoogte to the Tomb of Moulana Abdul Latief

16:30 Depart for Maitland to the Tomb of Sheikh Hazrat Khawaja Sayed Mehboob A'li Shah Chishti Nizami Habibi Faqiri.

17:15 Depart for Hotel.


Please Note: This Tour is Weather Dependant

8:30 Pick up from Hotel and proceed to Clock Tower Gateway to Robben Island to board the ferry to Robben Island*.

9:30 Arrive Robben Island for a tour of the Island & Prison Museum of Nelson Mandela

12:00 Visit tomb of Sayed Abdurahman Motura

13:00 Board ferry for Cape Town Harbour and lunch at Ocean Basket

15:30 Perform Asr on V&A Waterfront

Thereafter free to walk around Waterfront Shopping Mall

19:00 Dinner at the Gold for an evening of Cultural Dancing.

* Entry fees to National Parks and Robben Island ferry not included

* Please note: Prices are subject to change and group size.


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