Hot Air Ballooning Safari Combination Tours

Язык English
Стоимость 3970 ZAR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 8 часов

Hot Air Ballooning Combination Tours

Walk with Elephants / Lion Park / Lesedi Cultural Village

Departure 04h30 to 15h00 (Booking Essential) HAPPY METER

This is a tour not for the faint hearted, as you will be required to rise before the birds chirp their first morning calls. You will be collected from your hotel at about 04h30, (this time does change from during summer or winter. Confirmation of booking is given to you the day before collection.) We then drive for approximately an hour to the launch site, which is in a beautiful valley that runs along the Magalisberg Mountain Range and Hartbeespoort dam. On arrival, you are greeted with a hot beverage and rusks, whilst you stand and watch in awe at how they prepare the balloons for launching. You blood races as you are called to the balloon by your pilot and asked to climb aboard. With a rushing sound, the burners blast out vast amounts of hot air into the balloon and you suddenly feel yourself lifting majestically off the ground. As you gain height the stillness envelopes you - you can hear the silence - and a peaceful feeling comes over you as you become one with the skies. Back on the ground, the tracking vehicles are following you ad after landing in an unknown destination you will be served champagne and orange juice by you pilot. You are then collected and transported back to the launch site for a full English breakfast and issued with a certificate for the flight.

With the day still young and energy pumping in your veins you have a choice of adding onto your tour the below mentioned tours.

Pricing Structure per Party: Hot Air Balloon Combination Tours:

Lion Park: 1 Person @ R4650: 2 to 4 Persons @ R4150: 5 Persons & up @ R3750

Lesedi Cultural village: 1 Person @ R4600: 2 to 4 Persons @ R3900: 5 Persons & up @ R3600

Walk with Elephants: 1 Person @ R4600: 2 to 4 Persons @ R3970: 5 Persons & up @ R3670

Bush Baby Sanctuary: 1 Person @ R4650: 2 to 4 Persons @ R4150: 5 Persons & up @ R3750


Dress code: Comfortable clothing.

Warm pull over for early morning chill.


The tour will comprise of the following:

Shuttling to and from the Hotel.

1 hour balloon flight

Certificate of your flight

Full English breakfast

Shopping spree at Chameleon Village

During the tour photos will be taken and placed in a dropbox for you to retrieve.


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