Iran in 10 Days

Язык Английский, Французский, Персидский
Стоимость 805 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 1 неделя 3 дня


Service Type: B & B Service

Duration: 10 days - 10 nights

Cities to visit:

Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran.

Number of Pax: Any number of People

Day 1 - Shiraz:

Arrival in to Shiraz International Airport in the morning. The tour guide will welcome and take you to the hotel. You will have a short rest and breakfast and then you will have a city tour in Shiraz including:

• Pink Mosque

• Narenjestan

• A Walking in Shiraz Bazaar

• Vakil Mosque

• Hafez Mausoleum

• Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shi’at Shirin

Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 2 - Yazd

In the morning, drive to Yazd but on the way visit the following sites:

• Persepolis

• Naqsh Rostam

Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 3 - Yazd

In the morning, you will have a half day city tour in Yazd including:

• Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

• Zoroastrian Fire Temple

• Old Friday Mosque

• Old Town

• Water Musiem

• Amir Chaqmaq Square

Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 4 - Isfahan

In the morning, drive towards Isfahan, but on the way there, you will have 2 places to see:

• Meybod: Old Castle, Caravanserai, Pidgin Tower

• Na'in: Jame Mosque, Pirnia Museum House

Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 5 - Isfahan

In the morning you will have a full day city tour including:

• The Palace of Forty Pillars

• Imam Square

• Sheikh Lotfola Mosque

• Imam Mosque

• AliQapoo Palace

• Isfahan Bazaar

Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 6 - Isfahan

In the morning you will have a full day city tour including:

• Walking Tour between two of the bridges in Isfahan for almost one hour.

• Old Jame Mosque

• Jolfa & the Vank Cathedral

Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 7 - Kashan

Leave Esfahan in the early morning to go to Kashan. But on the way to Kashan, you will stop in Natanz to visit its Jameh mosque. Then you will drive to Kashan.

• Natanz Jameh mosque & Dervish mausoleum of Sheik Abdul Samad.

• Fin Garden

• Tabatabai Traditional House

• Mir Ahmad Hammam

Overnight stay in Kashan.

Day 8 - Tehran

In the morning, you will drive to Tehran for 230 km. Then you will have a city tour in Tehran; The tour will include as follow:

• Golestan Palace

• Tehran Grand Bazaar

• Archeological Museum

Day 9 - Tehran

A second day tour in Tehran will include the followings:

• Niavaran Palace

• Tajrish Bazar

• Tabiat Bridge

Day 10 - Departure Tehran

You will go to Tehran International Airport for Departure according to your flight time.

Flight Details:

Arrival: to Shiraz International Airport.(Turkish Airlines / Qatar Airways / Fly Dubai )

Departure: from Tehran IKA International Airport.

Service Type: B&B Service

Included Services:

- Accommodation: Twin/double rooms (double Occupancy) for 10 nights

- Meals: Breakfast included, B & B

- Airport Transfers: Both Arrival / Departure Transfers

- Transportation: An A.C Van, Mini-van, or Sedan car with a driver for the whole tour.

- Driver: A professional driver for the whole trip based on the above mentioned itinerary.

- Tour Guide: A very well experienced English, French or Farsi speaking Tour guide for the whole trip.

- Road tolls & car parking: All charges regarding transportation inside Iran is included; No international transportation is included.

- Wi-Fi and Internet: Free Wi-Fi is included.

- Refreshment: Bottles of drinking water included.

- Visa application: just visa invitation and application is included. Visa fee is NOT included.

Excluded services:

- Visa: NO visa collection fee (from embassies, consulates or airports) is included! Just visa application is included.

- Night & Evening Tour: Not included.

- Hotel minibars: Not included.

- Hotel laundry: Not included.

- Meals: No lunch and dinner is included.

- Travel Insurance & medical care: Not included.

- Entrance fee & Tickets into the Sites: Not included.

- Tip: No Tip is included. You can ask to tell you how it works with different service people.

- Extra activity charges: NO extra charges will be included.

Price Table:

- 2 people - 1 Double / Twin - Sedan AC Car - 1085,00 €

- 4 people - 2 Double / Twin An AC Van

945,00 €

- 6 people - 3 Double / Twin An AC Van

805,00 €

Payment Method: 50% in advance and the rest 50% on arrival and in cash according to your itinerary negotiations.

Darius Zare , Iran Tour Guide & Travel Specialist


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