Kotor & Perast Private Tour

Язык Английский, Serbian
Стоимость 150 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 4 часа

Welcome to one of the most wanted tours in Montenegro!

This relaxing tour is one of my favorites whether it's summer or winter season, it doesn't matter. Take this opportunity to visit the UNESCO site, Bay of Boka with me! Your personal, local and licensed tour guide in Kotor.

Local culture and incredible nature of the Montenegrin coast will leave you speechless.

Everyone's all time favorite, Old Town Kotor is first to be explored.

This ancient town is packed with hide gems, are you ready to explore some of them?

We will pass by one of the most scenic roads near the sea and we will reach next stop Perast- the Baroque small town. This beauty is a best preserved medieval old town in the Adriatic and UNESCO world heritage site, also known because of its unique cuisine and great wine.

Near Perast the boat is waiting us for a mesmerizing ride to the island Our Lady of Rocks. Visiting both church and museum at it, you will get in touch with stunning legends and stories of this area.

Don't wait, let's explore!


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