Tipaza the roman ruines

Язык Arabic, Английский, French
Стоимость 120 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 6 часов

Discover the beauty of Tipaza city

Ruines, nature,architecture

What you will see?

_ the roman ruines which goes back to the first century and still witnessing the presence of old civilization.

Amphitheater, theater,roman basilica.villa frescos and more .......

_ the royal Mauritanian mausoleum

_ the sea port ,

What we offer ?

_ transportation

_ qualified guide and assitance

What it is included in the offer?

_ comfortable transportation

_ lunch

_ museums fees

_ guide and assitance


What you need to be aware of?

_ the site is not accessible for wheelchair

_ the site needs walking for 2 hours

_ it is not recommended to visit the site in a rainy or a warm day .

_ it is preferable to stay hydrated during your visit in the site .

_ comfortable shoes , suncreem and hat during the summer are recommended.

_ walking sticks if you have a difficulties in walking hills .


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