Zona Colonial,Faro a Colón, Santo Domingo

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The most historic neighborhood in Santo Domingo is also the most romantic, lively and cultural. Once home to Spanish colonists, who built the walled city as a model for the rest of the Americas, it is an area packed with museums, churches, shops, theaters, restaurants, and parks. Stay in an old colonial house turned boutique hotel, stroll along the pedestrianized El Conde street, dotted with shops, sidewalk cafes, and street art, and dine in one of the lantern-lit plazas. Along the way, visit the oldest sites in America, including the first cathedral, the first paved street, the first monastery, the first hospital, the first university, and the first military fort.

Faro Colón (Monumento y museo dominicano construido en honor a Cristóbal Colón).

The Columbus Lighthouse is located in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It is an architectural work carried out in honor of this famous character who set foot on American soil in 1492. That is where his remains lie today. It is a monument built, not only to remember Christopher Columbus, but also to celebrate the meeting of two worlds.

This Lighthouse , has an extension of 240 m2 and is an imposing work that has exhibition rooms and an offer of activities for its visitors. Also, when night falls, it lights up the sky in the eastern part of Santo Domingo. Well, it offers a night show of 250 lights that are turned on and that reflect the Cross that is there.

Inside the lighthouse, you can see a museum where there are cultural pieces. They are very representative of the places in America visited by Christopher Columbus. There are paintings, sculptures and different objects from countries of the American continent.

In addition, modern artists exhibit their works in 4 temporary rooms and companies and institutions can rent conference rooms. Also to carry out your congresses, meetings, workshops and much more.


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