Adventure Oman

Язык Английский
Стоимость 5000 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 5 дней

Day-1: Muscat / Sur

The principal route into Sharqiya follows the new coastal highway from Ruwi in Muscat south to Quriyat and Sur, with the Arabian Gulf on one side and the rugged summits of the Eastern Hajar on the other. Attractions here feature an interesting blend of the historical and the natural, stop over Hawaiyat Najm (known to foreigners as the Sinkhole, the Bimmah Sink Hole or the Dabab Sinkhole...) is a large hole in the Earth crust filled with some fresh water.

The local legend says that it was created by a meteorite. This is why its name "Hawaiyat Najm" translates to "The Falling Star". However, geologists have confirmed that the Earth's upper crust layer collapsed due to erosion (the interaction of limestone with water. After this stop continua to Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi, two of Oman’s most scenic wadis, after continua driving towards Sur, the historic center of Oman’s famous ship-building industry, and still one of the prettiest towns in the south, and the turtle beach at Ras al Jinz. Overnight at Sur Plaza Hotel and in the evening turtle watching.

Day-2:Sur / Desert

In the morning you are leaving your hotel towards to wadi bani Khalid for swimming and relaxing with a beatutiful atomsphere, in the afternoon drive to visit the most beatutiful desert in Oman you will enjoy the sunset at the dunes , Overnight at Arabian Oryx Camp

Day- 3: Desert / Nizwa

In the morning, you are leaving your hotel towards to the historical city of Nizwa visit souq and fort. in the afternoon drive to Barkat Al Mwaz Oasis .Overnight at Al Dayar Hotel Nizwa.

Day-4:Jabreen/ Bahla/Misfah/Jabal Shams

This morning drive to Jabreen castle after this visit drive via old city in Oman Bahla to Misfah old village this afternoon drive to Jabal Shams for overnight in the why you will see very nice landscape, the Grand Canyon in Oman 3009 miter above the sea level. Overnight at Jabal Shams Resoart.

Day- 5: Jabal Shams / Muscat

In this morning, you will do a little hiking in the mountain after that you will drive towards Al Hamra for photo stop for the beautiful Oasis and abandoned village around 400 years old. After this short stop continua to crossing the hajar mountain through wadi bani Awaf, the Snake Canyon and here you will see a nice landscape. In the end of this trip your guide will leave at your hotel.

Please note that the price has mentioned to 5 persons.


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