Alger Centre tour day (North)

Язык Arabic, Английский, French
Стоимость 110 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 6 часов

We will begin the morning by discovering the place of the martyrs and the archaeological remains that lie there. We will go through various palaces ( Dar Aziza, Dar Hassan-Pasha) all the way to the mosque of Ketchaoua, symbol of the history of the Algerian capital. We will then visit the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions to discover historical works dedicated to the old daily life through 20,000 pieces of artworks. We will drive to the Palace of Rais "Bastion 23" and visit its three palaces and douira. We will walk the boulevards along the bay to discover the landscapes of Alger la blanche.

We will take a break for lunch and discover the flavors of local cuisine before heading back to the Place de la Grande Poste, the main tourist landmark of the city and the gardens of the Clock Flower.

We will continue our walk on the street of Audin by visiting various merchants of unique souvenirs, handicrafts and accessories made by hand.

We will end this visit with a tasting of Algerian tea and traditional pastries.


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