Tour - Fireland Absheron

Язык Английский, Russian, Turkish
Стоимость 120 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 7 часов

This is tour for people who want to visit Ateshgah temple, archeological complex Gala, Yanardag (Firemountain). The tour will last 6-7 hours.

Ateshgah temple

Ateshgah – is temple of fire exotic of Azerbaijan. It is know almost all over the world. It is situated 30 km away from Baku, in Surakhani district. This territory is well known with it is phenomen - natural gas which comes from ground and and burns. The temple was built in XVII-XVIII centuries. It was built by a Hindu community in Baku, belonging to the Sikh caste. But the history of Ateshgah is more ancient. Long ago in this territory was located the sanctuary of Zoroastrians - fire worshipers (approximately the beginning of our era). They gave mystery to the unquenchable fire and came here to worship the shrine. After the adoption of Islam, the temple of Zoroastrians was destroyed. Most of zoroastrians went to India and contuined their beleives there.

The Gala Archeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex

The territory of the reserve covering 156 hectares is dated to the period from III millennium BC. before the 20th century, burial mounds, crypts, houses, 4 water storage facilities, ruins of an ancient castle, 5 mosques, 3 baths and so on. To preserve these monuments, as well as further enrich the reserve due to the archaeological finds discovered on Absheron in 2008, the first archaeological and ethnographic complex under the open sky was created here with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The museum complex occupies 2 hectares of territory.

Yanardag (Firemountain)

Firemountain — is one of the most incredible natural sightseeings of Absheron peninsula. This is a mountain hill which is impossible to put out neither with rain nor with sand. And it is several thousand years that it burns. The frightening and simultaneously mesmerizing fiery landscape is actually explained very simply: From the upper layers of the soil natural gas is released, and when it comes into contact with oxygen, it turns into a flame.


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