Two day’s adventure tour

Язык Арабский, Английский, Хинди, Urdu
Стоимость 550 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 4 человек
Длительность 2 дня

Day 1/ I will pick you up around 08:00am in a SUV vehicle for our adventure. The journey to Wadi Shab takes approximately 2 hours. We will pass through a spectacular coastline, and you’ll see a beautiful, rugged mountain range and small villages of Oman. Wadi Shab is one of the most visited destinations by locals and international tourists alike. Once we reach Wadi Shab we’ll cross the gorge in a small boat. After a 45min walk through breathtaking canyons we’ll arrive at the pools which lead to the 'keyhole'. You can relax here, take a nice cool swim in crystal clear water and dive through the narrow keyhole. Inside you will find a magnificent cave with turquoise water and an incredible waterfall.

Next we will have Lunch in local restaurant. Then will drive to Ras Alhad were is your hotel.

After dinner I will take you to ser turtles.

Day2/ First in the Morning we will show an Omani Boat Factory " Dhow".

Next is Wadi Mibam there you can swim in canyon with crystal pools ans water falls. Then we will have a photo opportunity at lovely Wadi Tiwi and will stop for lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch we will head to white sand beaches and then the dramatic and attractive Bimmah sinkhole. You can swim and refresh yourself in the sinkhole's sparkling waters. When you are done we will head back to your accommodation.

note : you need to bring hiking shoes, swimming clothes, Sun block Cream.


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