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Nearly in the north of shelter,the structure carved into the main rock is 7 meters long.5 meters wide2.5 meters high and 35 square meters.on the eastern wall of the structure,there are columns carved into the main rock two large niches in the middle and two small niches in the middle on the both sides paint residues can be seen on the belt rising above the two columns around the big niche in the middle.probably on the aforesaid belt there were symbols belonging to mithras religion the plaque on which mithras sacrifing the bull scene was carved was also placed in the big niche in the middle the crown beam motif as one of the symbols of mithras is carved on the eastern wall in one of the small niches there is a rather smoothly carved water or blood bowl and a pool an he ground right in front of it the water or blood bowl and the pool area connected to each other with a channel through the wall and it is known that water or blood was used in the mithras religious ceremonies

İn addition there are four symmetrical points on the ceiling for hanging the animals during the ceremonies the hanging points must have been used to sacrifice the bull in mithras rituals the structure is the first and only mithras temple to be found on the eastern border of the roman empire at the entrance gate of the structure the inscriptions and symbols are clearly visible ıt was converted into a church with the spread of christianity and it was used as a shelter after zerzevan castle was abandoned


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