The Explorer Tour - All in, in one day

Язык Английский, Romanian
Стоимость 320 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 8 часов

Perfect if you would like to see as much as you can in one day! With this 8-hour private tour I can show you all the main attractions of my city, talk about the traditions and everyday life of the Hungarians. You will see Budapest in a unique way. Beside the highlights you will see less touristic hidden treasures too and visit some of these beautiful sights inside. We visit the Parliament to see Holy Crown of Hungary, then one other holy relic in the Saint Stephen Basilica, we will have a private tour in the Music Academy, and a visit to the Great Synagogue. We taste some authentic Hungarian gulyas at lunchtime at the Great Market Hall. Then we visit the Castle District, the Gellért hill, etc.


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