Jakarta City Tour 1

Язык Английский
Стоимость 175 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 4 часа

Highligh of Jakarta and visit to National Museum, The Dutch Old City, Chinese Temple, Portuguese Harbor.

National Museum

National Museum of Indonesia is also recognized as Elephant Museum. It’s called as Elephant Museum because there’s an elephant sculpture made of bronze medal at the front park of the museum.

Dutch Old City

Kota is Indonesian word for “city”, it was the reminiscent of the vicinity during colonial times in 16th century that the city was only within Batavia walled compound (today Kota).

Chinese Temple

2nd Oldest Chinese Temple The Jin De Yuan temple was the oldest house of worship of its kind in Jakarta. It was first built in 1650 but destroyed by the colonial government in 1740 and rebuilt in 1755 and then named Jin De Yuan which means virtue of gold.

Portuguese Harbor

Sunda Kelapa Harbor has been well known since the 12th century, but the existence estimated to be since the 5th century. Sunda Kelapa Harbor was belongs to Sunda Empire with capital of Pajajaran, located at around the current Bogor.


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