Conquering Armenia

Язык Армянский, Английский, Русский
Стоимость 115 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 8 часов

I offer you an unforgettable sightseeing tour in the main sights of Armenia in a new and comfortable Mercedes-benz car and exclusive services in Armenia.

Your comfort is my main priority!

Amaze yourself with me!

The excursion starts at 10:00 at the location you specified

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The pearl of the tourism industry in Armenia is the Pagan Temple Garni. The ancient temple was built in the 1st century AD by the king Tiridates the first. Garni Temple was destroyed in 1679 by a strong earthquake and after centuries of attempts at reconstruction, was hardly rebuilt in 1976, during the Soviet Union time. In the complex also located one of the oldest fortresses in Armenia, since the time of the Urartian Kingdom (8th century BC), the Church of St. Zion and the royal baths. The temple is surrounded by unique natural hills called the Symphony of Stones.

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The Geghard Monastery or Monastery of the Spear is one of the oldest Monasteries in the world, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the 8th century, the Spear of Fate was brought to the Monastery by the Apostle Fadeus (the Spear of the Legionnaire Longinus who pierced Jesus Christ). The monastery was built in the 4th century, according to legend, by St. Gregory the Illuminator. The complex was completely built in the rock, has many interesting cave halls and is surrounded by majestic natural hills, where you will have a great opportunity to walk and make fabulous memory photos.

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The resort city Tsaghkadzor is the center of winter tourism in Armenia, where goes various winter sports events and championships. Further down the hillside is the famous cable car and many other winter and summer activities. At the top where you will go, will open endless expanses of majestic mountain ranges, against which you can take amazing memory photos.

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The legendary Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus and one of the most visited attractions in Armenia. Located in the Gegharkunik region, at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. On the peninsula, on a high hill, located famous Sevanavank Monastery, built in 874, by Princess Mariam. Climbing the hill, you will have a great opportunity to explore the ancient Monastery complex and take really fantastic photos on the background of a magnificent lake. Also on the top of the hill are a small botanical garden and an observation deck, which creates a landscape, as if you are standing in the center of Sevan.

Excursion Include:

Guide service

Photo service

Treats in the car

Free Wi-Fi

Transportation expenses

Hotel pick-up & drop-off

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Sightseeing Tickets

Payment of the excursion charged in the beginning of the tour


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