Conquering The Great Fortress

Язык Армянский, Английский, Русский
Стоимость 105 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 6 часов

I offer you a wonderful excursion to the Hovanavank and Saghmosavank Monasteries, as well as to the ancient Amberd Fortress in a new and comfortable Mercedes-benz car and exclusive services in Armenia.

Your comfort is my main priority!

Amaze yourself with me!

The excursion starts at 11:00 at the location you specified

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One of the significant and famous Monasteries of ancient Armenia is the Hovhanavank Monastery. Located in the same name village, in the Aragatsotn region. For a long time in the medieval church,which dedicated to John the Baptist, were kept such significant relics as the Shroud, in which Jesus Christ was shrouded and the Nail which pierced His right hand (the relics now keeping in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral).

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The next attraction is the equally famous Saghmosavank Monastery, which is also located in the same name village and Aragatsotn region. The cross-domed Church in ancient centuries was famous for its library, where created thousands of manuscripts and were stored (currently manuscripts now stored in the Matenadaran). Near the Monastery there is an amazing high gorge above the Kasakh River, from where opens a magnificent view of the beautiful nature, and where you will have the opportunity to take beautiful memorable photos.

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Amberd Fortress is probably the most famous and majestic castle which left from Ancient Armenia and which many centuries served as an outpost of this region. Built in the 7th century, the fortress is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, halfway to the highest mountain Aragats. Near the castle is also a small Church, built in 1026. The castle was destroyed in the 13th century by the invasion of the Mongols and reached us only in the form of majestic ruins. This is a very interesting place for exploring, walking in the fresh air and, of course, for memorable photos on the background of massive ridges and fantastic nature.

Excursion Include:

Guide service

Photo service

Treats in the car

Free Wi-Fi

Transportation expenses

Hotel pick-up & drop-off

Excursion exclude:


Sightseeing Tickets

Payment of the excursion charged in the beginning of the tour


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