Conquering Tbilisi

Язык Armenian, English, Russian
Стоимость 220 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 12 часов

I offer you an unforgettable excursion to Georgia, the cultural attractions of Tbilisi and a tour of the Dilijan resort town in a new and comfortable Mercedes-benz car and exclusive services in Armenia.

Your comfort is my main priority!

Amaze yourself with me!

The excursion starts at 09:00 at the location you specified

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Dilijan is one of the resort and favorite tourist cities of Armenia. Located in the Tavush region, in the valley of the Agstev River and surrounded by amazing forests and clean air. The path to the city passes through a tunnel, at the beginning of which you will see one nature, and at the end you will see a completely different, fabulous nature. There we will visit the famous monument of Mimino, Swan Lake and of course the world famous college UWC.

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Upon arrival in the beautiful capital of Georgia, in Tbilisi, first of all, we will go to visit the Holy Trinity Church (the largest Church in the Caucasus). The temple is 68 meters and covers the ​​5 thousand square meters of area. Was built in 2004, although the construction plan was created in 1989. The majestic monument can accommodate up to 15,000 people. This is an ideal place for the first acquaintance of the Georgian culture.

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After visiting the Church, we will go to the Freedom Square, one of the favorite places for tourists and Georgians. In the center of the square in 2006 was erected a beautiful monument of freedom, created by Zurab Tsereteli. Near the square there are also the central bank,the Marriott Hotel and the famous old Tbilisi, where you will have a great opportunity to take a walk and have a amazing lunch.

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The Tbilisi Funicular is located a little further from Freedom Square and is one of the favorite places for tourists in the capital. An amazing attraction built in 1905 and since then has been entertaining both foreigners and Georgians. In 2000, the Funicular was suspended due to an accident, after which it was reconstructed and reopened in 2013. At the top of the hillyou will see a fabulous landscape on Tbilisi and will have an excellent chance to take fabulous photos for memory.

Excursion Include:

Guide service

Photo service

Treats in the car

Free WiFi

Transportation expenses

Hotel pick-up & drop-off

Excursion exclude:


Sightseeing Tickets

Payment of the excursion charged in the begining of the tour


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